Rating: 2 stars

A reasonably good movie, with good performances from the 3 main stars Arjun, Soundarya and of course Sivaji Ganesan. It is good to see the "Nadigar Thilagam" again after so long. Although much older, he's still good at it!

Arjun is the illiterate son of illiterate Sivaji. Arjun spends his time with his horses and Sivaji with his community service. Arjun meets Soundarya, who is an educated woman, when he rescues her from an angry cow. Love blossoms.  Meanwhile, Sivaji decides to get Arjun married to an educated woman who can take care of his business. Surprise surprise!  He chooses Soundarya. After assuming the post of the company's MD, Soundarya uncovers the plots by the previous MD (Sivaji's friend) and chairmanArjun and Soundarya in "Mannavaru Chinnavaru" (friend's son) to swindle the company's money.  They are eventually sacked, and Arjun becomes the chairman. The villains, beseeched with anger then plot to destroy the couple by sending Maheswari to woo Arjun. Meanwhile, the newlyweds are plagued with problems of their own, as a result of their different education backgrounds. The rest of the movie focuses on how the two get back together and how the villains are apprehended.

The movie is full of good comedy from Visu (the family doctor), and R. Sundararajan. The music is not good, as it is the music director's first attempt.   Even the background music is not appropriate. Cinematography was also lacks class. Otherwise an OK movie for a good weekend watch with the family.


Original Photograph (Manavaru Chinavaru): Thanks to Anandha Vikatan
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Sandya