Nasar and Roja in "Mugam"Movie Name: Mugam
Stars: Nasser, Roja, Manivannan & others

Music: Ilayaraja
Director: Gnana Rajasekaran

Released: October 1999
Reviewer: Vijay Vanniarajan

Rating: 0 star

Mugam starring Nasser has a basically emotionally ethical storyline; but yet sitting through the movie can be very difficult and can set your teeth on edge. In the end you just end up feeling deflated and punching mad.

Rangan (Nasser) is a very ugly man and therefore lives a tough life. He is kicked out of jobs, ill-treated constantly, and the girl he loves hates him. (Think "The Elephant Man.") Then one day, Rangan goes to the house of his make-up artist friend (Manivannan) and finds a strange mask that he picks up and wears. The mask adheres to his face, and Rangan becomes very handsome. (Think "The Mask"). With the Mask, Rangan generates followers, becomes a film star, and gets a wife who loves him solely for his handsome face (Roja). Nearing the end, Rangan takes off the Mask for a moment, and wishes people would respect him for who he is on the inside. His wife walks in, sees his ugly face, and throws him out, mistaking him for a robber. Rangan's former followers throw him to the side. Deciding that only beauty can bring him respect, Rangan puts the mask back on.

The storyline would be excellent to read in a novel, but the reality in film is incredibly slow-paced and implausible. The supposedly beautiful Rangan, in many opinion, is not beautiful enough to merit what he gets. We see more than a minute with each shot, and in the dramatic scene, we see at least five minutes of one camera angle. The actors do the best with what they have, but the result is still a very boring long drawn-out masterpiece gone horribly wrong.

Vijay Vanniarajan

Original Photograph (Mugam): Thanks to Anandha Vikatan
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Sandya