Rating: 3 stars

This movie brings together a good cast, therefore making the movie more lively and watchable.

The story mainly revolves around Sarathkumar and rich man Vijayakumar. Sarath is Vijaya's servant,but the latter treats him more as a son and a friend than a servant. For some reason (revealed later),Vijaya seems to despise his daughter Gowri (Sitara) who is married to Mansoor Ali Khan over an unknown incident that occured 15 years ago which resulted in the family's separation.  For the same reason too, Mansoor Ali Khan hates Sarath.  Gowri's visits to her father on her mother's "Thevasam" and to invite him to her daughter's "Chadangu" is often met with him ignoring or shouting at her.  Enter Simran-Sarath's second daughter who has finished her studies in America and returns to India. Simran soon falls in love with Sarath.  Sarath's continued rejection of her finally wears out and he falls in love with her.  Trouble starts just before the first half ends with Simran (falsely)accusing Sarath of raping her and Vijaya throwing Sarath out of his home for good.  What follows is a well laid out story of family and friendship.  Sarath has a chance to display his acting skills when he appears as his old father in the second half.

Perhaps the biggest plus point of this movie is the comedy.  Well done by Sarathkumar, Vijayakumar, Manorama,Vijaykumar and Saratkumar in "Nattpukkaaga" R.Sundhararajan and Senthil, the story plunges into comedy from the moment it starts and continues for most of the first half.  Comedy in the second half is mostly dealt by Senthil and Sundhararajan.  Manorama too is excellent as Sarathkumar's grandmother who loves to gamble in rooster-fighting with money supplied by Vijayakumar.  Her acting in serious roles is also astounding, though not much.   Simran, however does not do that well.  Her character in the movie is solely for providing a link between the first and second halves.  Her acting in a scene where she strips from a saree into a bathing suit and swims in a paddy field is also not good for her reputation.  Why do directors allow such scenes which serve no purpose other than spoil a good movie?  Another plus point here are the quality performances given by Sarath and Vijayakumar.  It was good to see the charming Sitara again after so long, and even Mansoor Ali Khan stands out in his comedy.  At the end of the day, Nattpukkaga is a good watch for the entire family.  (I apologize for not remembering the names for most of the characters as I had not planned to write this review when I watched it)


Original Photograph (Nattpukkaga): Thanks to Cinema Express
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Sandya