Rating: 1-1/2 stars

Vijay has teamed up with his director dad in Nenjinelae, which is not as good as would be expected from the Ilaya Thalapathi. The movie has no impact on the viewer as it fails to entertain and is dragged out considerably towards the end.

The story starts with Vijay leaving his village to go to Mumbai to get a job to finance his sister's wedding (after a number of bad porutthams).  He lives with his sister in Mumbai and there meets Isha Gopikar, who is his sister's employer. Isha Gopikar strangely, is already in love with Vijay after listening to his sister talking no end of him (Really?! only in Tamil movies!). Vijay at first rejects her but sooner or later the inevitable happens. Vijay is Isha Gopikar and Vijay in "Nenjinilae"unable to get a job, and through a friend, accidently joins as an adi aaL for a gangster reluctantly.  This brings him a lot of money and his family back home is able to live in prosperity.  Things go bad for Vijay when his girlfriend finds out that he is involved in killing her parents.  What follows is a dragged out tale of how they escape from the gangster's clutches.

The songs by Deva were, to say the least, boring and a disturbance.   Manivannan's comic talents are wasted in this movie.  Isha Gopikar too, doesn't give her best.  She has also decided to go a bit glamorous this time.  Evidence of cost cutting can be seen in the absence of fantastic and expensive costumes, which is an integral part of songs these days.  Watch out for the ending though, which is short lesson in civic consciousness by Vijay.  I don't recommend paying to see Nenjinilae in the cinema theater; a rental tape will do just fine.


Original Photograph (Nenjinilae): Thanks to Cinema Express
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Sandya