Rating: 1-1/2 stars

Every director is out to do something new! At least sometimes you wish this is the case in tamil cinema. But Director Mu. Kalanjiyam with his fourth film in Nilavae Mugam Kaattu fails miserably in trying to bring legitimacy to that "something new." Kalanjiyam's debut film Poomani continues to be his best and the one he has yet to beat so far.

The aracha maavu storyline is of a rich guy Ramki becoming good friends with poor guy Karthik after Ramki's father Nizhalgal Ravi kills Karthik's mom in a car accident. Both Karthik and Ramki meet the blind poo kaari Devayani under two different circumstances and fall "blindly" in love with her. The events that follow are as predictable as ever. But one scene in particular is worth mentioning. As the blind Devayani rolls up a handful of rice and gives it to Karthik to eat, he places it back on the vaazhai elai, so that she would enjoy eating more food. A very Devayani and Karthik in "Nilavae Mugam Kaattu"nicely tailored scene that could bring tears to your eyes if you are the emotional type. Devayani with a plastic face and smile looks thinner, Karthik in a raggedy Charlie Chaplin outfit looks like he is acting in another Unnidaththil Ennai Koduthaen, and Ramki appears like what Rahman was in Kalki - plump and unbearable. Vadivelu and Manivannan in a convoluted comedy track, makes you want to congratulate Mani on going back to direction and encourage Vadivelu to stick to Parthiban's films alone (Bharathi Kannamma and Housefull). Saratbabu and Srividya are at their gunachitra nadigar(gai) best, but I still want to know what their characters were doing in this film.

Abdul Rahman's cinematography and Ilaiyaraja's two songs, Thenralai Kandu Kolla (the soga version, Suththaadhae Bhoomi Thaayae) and Sittu Parakadhu and the director's trademark of "a clean film without violence and vulgarity" are the three aspects that earn the one and a half stars which I am willing to give. I am sure you have seen this very same movie somewhere else. But if you really want to see this one, think twice :-)

Sandya Krishna

Original Photograph (Nilavae Mugam Kaattu): Thanks to Dhina Malar
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Sandya