Rating: 2 stars

Another triangular love story with Murali, Roja and a new-comer. Murali and Roja meet and fall in love in Ooty and hence the title of the movie.

Murali and Roja fall in love but Murali is forced to marry his uncle's daughter to fulfill an obligation. Roja continues to love him and does not want to marry anyone else. A child psychologist (a new face) falls in love with Roja and loves her for the last 6 years! But Roja is still thinking of Murali. Meanwhile, Murali's wife dies in childbirth and Murali is bringing up his son all by himself. The child's doctor is the one who is in love with Roja and when the doctor knows the truth about Murali and Roja, he tries very hard to avoid their meeting each other and employs underhand methods. Murali & Roja in OotyIt turns out that the little boy is not Murali's son at all and that his uncle's daughter gets pregnant through someone else while in school and that boy dies in an accident. When Murali learns this, he marries her just to save his uncle's reputation. He has been looking after his uncle's daughter as his own sister! Roja learns all this and after a climax fight, Murali and Roja unite.

The locations in Ooty are pleasing to the eyes, needless to say. Murali needs to exercise and get rid of the rolls of fat in his middle. The new-comer does a good job as a polished villain. Deva has come up with a tune similar to Rahman's 'Vande Mataram'. Can wait for the tape.

Usha Gopalakrishnan

Original Photograph (Ooty): Thanks to Ananda Vikatan
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Krishna