Rating: 2 stars

It is story of a fireman losing his wife and only son and is orphaned overnight. He finds solace is bringing up another orphan boy as his own.

Sarath Kumar and Devayani are happily married who get a son after a lot of yearning. Anandraj is an industrialist who tries to defraud the insurance company by setting fire to one of his factories. His auditor gives the details of this fraud to his reporter brother, for publication. But Anandraj learns about this and kills his auditor and goes after the reporter when the latter passes on the important diary to Sarath Kumar, who happens to be innocently passing by on the road. OruvanAnandraj finds out that the diary is with Sarath Kumar and when Sarath refuses to give it to him, Anandraj sets fire to his house, thereby burning Devayani and their only son. Sarath is immensely affected by this loss and is afraid of fire after this episode. He does various odd jobs and his new neighbor Pooja Batra falls in love with him, of course. He comes across another orphan boy (Master Vicki) and brings him up as his own son. All of a sudden, his real dad Raghuvaran appears. Raghuvaran is a CBI officer, who is also hounding Anandraj for his misdeeds. Sarath Kumar had been under the impression that Anandraj had also died in the fire. Fianlly, after the climax fight, Anandraj gets killed in another fire! The little boy refuses to live with Raghuvaran (who has his own family now, with a daughter) and looks on Sarath as his dad.

Sarath Kumar has acted very well in this movie. The scenes where Sarath and Devayani are together, are picturized very well. Master Vicki has also given a good performance. But, compared to Director Suresh Krishna's earlier movies, this one is not so good. No need to watch in the theater. Can see in video tape.

Usha Gopalakrishnan

Original Photograph (Oruvan): Thanks to Cinema Express, Kumudam
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Sandya, Krishna