Rating: 3 stars

It might be based on "A Walk in the Clouds" but it would only be fair to give the director credit for adding his own touch to the movie. With the "Love story with a difference" theme being used to market several movies in the present and recent past the phrase is now fairly cliched but I am at a loss to find a more suitable title for the review.

Pooveli is about four people who have different views on the topics of love and romance. Heera thinks that you can really fall in love with someone only after you have married him or her. Karthik thinks quite the opposite and predictably tries to get Heera to reciprocate his feelings. Kousalya says that she likes to love and be loved while Radha Ravi, her father has conventional "father of the heroine" views on the matter. Abbas is to marry Kausalya and Karthik in "Pooveli"Kousalya and dies an unfortunate death. Kousalya then requests Karthik to play the husband's role at her home. Heera slowly realizes she misses Karthik when he's away with Kousalya. Karthik starts believing in love before marriage and Kousalya who likes to be loved is always telling him to find a way to quarrel with her and leave the family. The movie is about how these four characters end up changing their views on the topic. What actually happens in the end (after a slightly over stretched climax) is left for you to see. "Nizhalgal" Ravi does a good job as the dead Abbas's father and Anand Raj does a very different villain role which is weirdly funny to say the least.

The movie has its good moments with consistent screenplay. It is certainly worth watching once. "Oru poo ezhudum" is a good number with Abbas and Kousalya.


Original Photograph (Pooveli): Thanks to Anandha Vikatan
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Sandya