Rating: 3 stars

The usual story about corrupt politicians told in Typical Parthiban style. The movie revolves around Parthiban, with three heroines, Roja, Devyani and Priya Raman, with insignificant roles for all of them except for the songs and a few scenes.

Parthiban is a young hero who doesn't tolerate exploitation of the poor by the corrupt politicians. He tries to raise his voice against the corrupt CM Anandraj and gets into trouble.  Anand Raj arranges to have Parthiban's sister raped in a police station. Parthiban's mother, to save her daughter's maanam, kills her Pudhumai Pithan Advertisement - Cinema Expressand dies. Parthiban is branded as mentally ill and sent to an asylum. Priya Raman manages to save Parthiban and treats him. He recovers and vanishes from her house. Parthiban enters as new man Bharath, and tries to help a slum to clean up and revolt against corruption.  In the process he wins their hearts and becomes MLA.  He offers his support to Anandraj to become CM and in return gets a Minister post. With his well planned manipulations he brings out the misdeeds of Anandraj and sends him to Jail.  He becomes the CM and tries to help out the poor and needy with his popular schemes. Suddenly his party looses support and he is no longer CM.   The public revolt and try to make him CM again.  But he instead  proposes an honest veteran politician Delhi Ganesh to be the CM. Plenty of side-track stories occur with the three heroines as well as Vadivelu's comedy track, which also runs independently without any attachment to the main story line.

Parthiban has acted well in his usual style and dialogue delivery. Deva's one song is good, onnu rendu thonuthetil unnai sandithen is hummable. Devyani is charming in a brief role and a song. Priya Raman has rendered a glamorous dance number. Folks who enjoyed Parthiban's earlier movies like uLLe VeLiye, PuLLakuttikaaran etc will enjoy this movie also. Above average.

Murali Krishnan J

Original Photograph (Puthumai Pithan): Advertisement, Cinema Express
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Sandya