Rating: 0.5 star

Probably the first dual role film for Murali (poor Murali!!). He should have chosen a better story and a better director. In the revolutionary days of HiTech and Make up, it is pity to see the director relied on a Moushtache to differentiate the look of both Muralis (who are not even identical siamis twins).

It is the same old story - Rajiv, a good son-in-law of the rich village landlord (Vinu Chakravarthi) gets killed by his very bad brother-in-law (Ranjith) as VinuC leaves the family fortune and customs for him to look after. Having acquired what he wanted Ranjith keeps his nephew (rajiv's second son - Murali) in the farm from his tender age, while the eldest son (another Murali) who witnesses the murder runs away to the city. Young Murali shows is utter loyalty to his uncle. He falls in love with a farm worker Sangeetha. But Ranjith's daughter's loves Murali, which Ranjith hates but cant go against his only daughter's wish. Murali and Indu in RatnaWhile the movie is getting dragged between Songs and emotional scenes, the other Murali (Rathna) arrives to finish off Ranjith and the movie too. Wish he came much earlier - approximately 2hr 20 minutes earlier.

As far as the acting goes, Murali moves into his usual loyal mode acting as seen in Poomani, Pagal Nilavu ... Either he appears as a loyal sevant or takes a mic to sing in a college environment. He should realise there are more than these two roles to choose from. Sangeetha and Maheswari have little to do but to sing duets with Murali. Not a good start for the new music director. There are too many songs in the film but nothings stays in the mind. Maybe they are supposed to be like that!! Revathi has been wasted as Murali's mother (why !!!!). Not much there to talk about. It is a film to be avoided.


Original Photograph (Rathna): Audio CD cover
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Krishna