Rating: 1 star

You honestly wonder sometimes why the sons & daughters of actors/actresses venture into cinema. Sandhippoma is a nerve-wracking two hour experience through which you wonder about this and nothing else. The story, screenplay, dialogues, Deva’s music; none of these elements offer any relief from the nightmare that debutant director Indrakumar has put together in the name of cinema. Yet, this is unfortunately the film where the supporting actors practically behead the lead actors with the sheer power of their presence and extraordinary acting skills. Surya and Preetha Vijayakumar could have just watched Radhika, Prakashraj, Saratbabu and Ambika emote during shooting than actually participate as hero & heroine in this film.

In the meantime, you might be thinking about why in the world I have ventured to review this film? - merely to share my miseries with you or to prevent you from ‘settling’ to watch this film. Our choices have not become so limited while renting tamil movies at the video store. Sandhippoma?(Maybe mine have :-) Back to the movie, it is indeed your same old love story with Surya (Don’t remember if Surya was PR’s son or brother. Your viewing experience will not be ruined!) and Preetha (Saratbabu and Ambika’s daughter!) forcibly fall in love with each other for absolutely no reason. There are no interesting events leading them from their friendship to their eventual kaadhal. Things come to a head only after Prakashraj’s nice jolly affair with Rani surface in the newspaper. By that time, half the movie has dragged away with melodramatic scenes, songs and stiff-faced Surya and Preetha. Radhika and Saratbabu rise above the crappy material and give a strong and steadfast performance, lending some credibility to this atrocious waste of celluloid time. Prakashraj and Ambika are also reasonably good in their respective roles.

Given the choice, Mr. Indrakumar should go back to the drawing board and work on a better love story (hey! They don’t create any other stories these days0!) or stop directing all together. Watch this film at your own risk (s), especially since there are so many! :-)

Sandya Krishna

Original Photograph (Sandhippoma?): Thanks to Cinema Express
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Krishna