Rating: 1 star

Though I've been a regular visitor to this site for some time now, it's for first time I'm submitting a review and that's for the sake of saving the internet tamil community from watching yet another film of the very kind that we have been suffering from since the mid 90's. It's really surprising to see a movie like this one releasing at a time when promising young directors are promoting innovative ideas right from their debut ventures. Dialogue writer Erode Sounder makes his directorial debut in this movie, gaining no credit from it.

Saratkumar and Kushboo in "Simmarasi"Our hero comes to pattikkaadu from pattanam (only unusual item in this movie) and takes charge of the village, of course along with 17 other pattis, not before delivering minutes of long anti-casteist dialogue in front of a crowd all set to fight out their anger. Anandharaj, another big shot of the same village, is naturally irritated by Sarath's activities, but unable to do anything, due to the clout Sarath enjoys amongst the villagers. Turn of events see Sarath's soon-to-be-cop son (Vineeth) on the opponent side where he does not last long either. At the time, when Sarath is about to re-open the long closed temple, he shows up with 'kakki sattai' and arrest warrant for Sarath on 27 year old murder case. Kushboo's flashback for justifying the murder is used as a filler to take the movie to the end.

The theme of the movie is not bad with the hero fighting against casteism in the village, but what matters more is the way it is presented. Same old storyline with same set of events which we have seen in almost every single movie before, does not help. Decent work by dialogue writer Sounder is undone by everyone else, particularly by himself in the role of the director. Neither the songs nor the long cast line-up help him survive. Comedy is non-existent except for a flick by Manivannan in the pullayar koil scene (remember having heard this somewhere). Easwari Rao and Vineeth show up for a song, Kanaka in guest appearance, and poor Kushboo for nodding the head whenever Sarath turns to her for uththaravus. Overall performance is way below par by any standard with nothing particularly good, and such movies are not going to make their way in the days of Porkkaalams and Sollaamalaes. Before going into his next movie, Erode Sounder must better keep in mind that even a Mani Ratnam can't get away with moderate performances these days.


Original Photograph (Simma Rasi): Advertisement, Cinema Express
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Sandya