Rating: 3 stars

Amidst all the recent love stories that go like 'Boy does not meet girl, boy loves girl,..' etc. this has a refreshingly new story line.  The story and the way the movie is made is very simple and it is this simplicity that makes the movie good.

Natraj (Livingston) is an honest, not-too-good-looking, village artist who comes to 'pattanam' to find a job.  He ends up being a banner artist. Shwetha (Kousalya) is a U.S. citizen, who loves India and its culture and stays with her relatives to learn 'Bharata Natyam'.  She is a soft-natured, loving girl who loves to help people in distress but cannot stand it if anyone lies or cheats.  She mistakes Natraj to be a 'vaai pesa mudiyaadha oomai' and at first pities him and later it blossoms into love.  By this time, it is tooKausalya and Livingston in "Sollaamale" late for Natraj to disclose the truth to her and does not want to risk losing her.  At the same time, he is guilt-ridden for not being honest with Shweta. In the end, he cuts his own tongue and becomes a real 'oomai'.

Both Livingston and Kousalya have done a good job.  Karan comes in the usual role of the rejected 'mappillai'.  In this movie also, the hero has four friends!  The songs are very mediocre.  Prakashraj makes a guest appearance as a doctor.  This is the new director's first movie and looks like he has some 'sarakku'.   The ending may seem a bit brutal and barbaric and highly impractical.  But, kadhalukku kaN mattumaa illai?

usha gopalakrishnan

Original Photograph (Sollamalae...): Thanks to Cinema Express
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Sandya