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After a long time, Bharathiraaja has come up with this one, with his son acting in it. He has pinned a lot of hopes, thinking that this might be a good start for his son. He is going to be sorely disappointed. He could have concentrated more on the story-line.

As usual there are 2 villages and as usual there is a 'parambarai pagai' between the 2 villages! Manoj & Riya Sen in TajmahalYes, you guessed it : Manoj is from one village and Riya is from the other one. Need I say more? There is a lot of vettu, kuthu, etc. The herione's brother gets her married off to someone else in the end, but on the way to her husband's village, she slips from the bullock card and while attempting to catch her, her 'thaali' comes off. Then some more fighting and in the end, the lovers unite. They just jump off the train and swim together in the river underneath!

Manoj is an exact replica of his father. He seems to be very much at ease in his first film itself. Riya is ok - no acting whatsoever! Bharathiraaja has wasted Revathi and Radhika - the latter playing a role very similar to her role in 'Jeans'. The songs are also not good. All the scenes are very very predictable and bores us to death! You can hear the audience heave a sigh of relief when the movie ends. It is pure torture to sit through the movie fully. Not even worth watching on tape.

Usha Gopalakrishnan

Original Photograph (Taj Mahal): Thanks to Ananda Vikatan
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Krishna