Rating: 3 stars

A pretty good sentimental movie in a rural setting, with Revathi having done her role exceptionally well as asual. Good performances from Raj Kiran, Radha Ravi, Bhanupriya and K.S. Adhiyaman. K.S. Adhiyaman (director of Thotta Sinungi) making his debut as actor in this one.

Pandithurai (Raj Kiran) and Naachchiyaa (Revathi) are a respectable couple in the village. Naachchiyaa manages to conceive after 7 seven long years of marriage. She has a still born baby - Pandithurai replaces the dead baby with an illegitimate baby born to Panchavarnam (Bhanupriya) in the same hospital the same day, out of love for his wife, since he thinks that she would die if she hears that her baby was born dead. Raj Kapoor is the villain who is the father of this baby; Panchavarnam and Pandithurai promise each other that they wouldn't reveal this secret to anybody; but their conversation is overheard by Radha Ravi (Naachchiyaa's loving elder brother) and starts hating Muthu since he thinks he is an illegitimate child born to Panchavarnam and Pandithurai, but manages to keep it to himself out of fear of breaking up his sister's family. Panchavarnam joins the thurai household as domestic help. The son Muthu is played by director K.S. Adhiyamaan. He reminds one of Parthiban in appearance and mannerisms. He grows up to be an irresponsible but a very tenderAdhiyaman, Revathi and Rajkiran in "Thalaimurai" hearted son and is greatly hated by his uncle and the entire village. Radha Ravi's daughter (played by newcomer Lakshmi) and Muthu are in love and are supported by the entire family except Radha Ravi, who knows the secret of Muthu's parentage. He blurts the truth out to his sister in anger when she asks the reason for his opposition to their children's marital union. How the various characters involved (Pandithurai, Naachchiyaa, Muthu and Panchavarnam) come to terms with this new revelation, forms the rest of the story. Revathi has given a great performance in the parts where she confronts her husband for hiding the truth from her.

Ilayaraaja has tuned a very melodious song in Enga Maharaanikku.  It is a great movie to watch with the family - especially if you are a Revathi fan! I wouldn't go to the cinemas to watch it. But could be a good rental.

Prema Damodaran

Original Photograph (Thalaimurai): Thanks to Cinema Express
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Sandya