Rating: 1/2 star

Better late than never! But, I still wonder why I have ventured to review this film. Thodarum lacks the most important ingredient of all films, a sense of direction. The film meanders between comedy and drama with no particular logical end in sight. Maybe, Mr. Ramesh Kanna should stick to acting as a sidekick/comedian than risk directing projects like these.

Now to the story.. Not much to tell except that Devayani is an extremely possessive wife who suspects that all the women in the world are throwing themselves at her husband, Ajeethkumar. Things get a little interesting only after Heera enters the picture and ends up hugging Ajeeth right in front of Dev's eyes. Devayani is diagnosed with a deadly heart condition and decides to have Ajeeth-Heera tie the knot for the sake of a good life for her young son. She even goes as far as getting a divorce from Ajeeth to make him hate her. Whew! If you have already gone to sleep just reading this, go watch some other film. This is not for you.

Devayani appears painfully artificial except for one scene when she dumps cold water on Ajeeth and then apologizes to him. Ajeethkumar is totally lost in the proceedings and looks really young to be a five year old's dad. Heera's only consolation would probably be acting Ajeethkumar, Devayani and Heerawith her (now, former) beau, Ajeeth. She looks much more attractive than what she did in Sathi Leelavathi and Pooveli. Gemini Ganesan, Sowkar Janaki and Delhi Ganesh provide the additional support and are at their usual best. Vadivelu as the accident prone office peon is hilarious on and off.  I hit the fast forward button on Mr. Manivannan, "Kaakka" Gopal, Vichitra and Senthil.  I wouldn't recommend that you rent the film just to find out what the four clowns were up to in the film!

Ilaiyaraja is the person who needs to be most sympathized with. He scores by far the worst music in recent times, for this film. With the exception of Oru ThuLir which sounds passable on screen (not because of Bhavadharini, mind you!), Ilaiyaraja shouldn't have taken up this painful project and thalai-yil mann-ai vaari pOttu-fied in the first place. The cinematography and direction provide no room for discussion. In one line, "Why does Kodambakkam waste its time producing films like this?" God only knows!

Sandya Krishna

Original Photograph (Thodarum): Thanks to Cinema Express
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Sandya