Rating: 2-1/2 stars

Warning: This movie is ONLY for Vijay and Simran fans. Be forewarned that the review you are about to read is catered to the tastes of only Vijay and Simran fans, especially since I have only reasonably good things to say about the film.

Vijay is our hero hoping to cash in someday by trying to become a singer. Simran and her Paatti reside in the same neighbourhood a block away from Vijay's home. Due to sandharppa suzh nilai, Simran always sees Vijay in bad light, even though she doesn't know that he is owner of the "brilliant singing voice" that she had gone bonkers over. After a bit of stretching the story, adding contrived events, masala, comedy and emotional drama, the film ends in an acceptable fashion. (Some may call it sodhappal!, well, that's your choice!) Overall, an entertaining film from Vijay and Simran. After all, it is yet another feather in Vijay's cap (as the film is still showing to packed houses in certain areas in Tamilnadu!) and an even bigger feather for kavarchi kanni Simran (Temple, anyone? :-).

Simran and Vijay in "ThuLLaadha Manamum ThuLLum"Vijay is excellent in his acting, (the scene in the bathroom after hearing news of his mother passing away!), great in dancing (the dhuddu song) and gambeeram in fights. All the ingredients to be a success story (hero!) in tamil cinema today. Dhamu, Parry Venkat and Vaiyapuri provide the laughs. If you have seen Vaiyapuri in previous films, you are sure to enjoy his girl makeover in this film. For his looks, he is mighty impressive. Parry Venkat is also good in the 'giving directions' scene. Now to our heroine, Sims.. Man, she looks much better (and less anemic) from Kannedhiray ThondrinaaL, even though I would have to agree that the weight has gone to all the wrong places. Regardless, she doesn't stumble and overdo her blind woman role and is pretty good looking in her usual churidhaar dharisanam. A big hats off to the Amma character that gets no air time in the movie and still remains powerful!  The less said about S.A.Rajkumar's music, the better of we are!..   Udaindhu pona gramphone maadhiri, ten minutes-kku oru vaatti, Inisai Paadi Varum... please, engalai vittudungaLen! :-( :-(

A typical R.B.Choudhri production with a debutante director, Ezhil at the helm. If you don't carry huge expectations to the theater or to the video store, you might actually enjoy this film. But mind you... You have to be a Vijay and Simran fan first! :-)

Sandya Krishna

Original Photograph (ThuLLaadha Manamum ThuLLum): Thanks to Anandha Vikatan
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Sandya