Unnarugil Naanirundhaal

Stars: Parthiban, Meena, Vadivelu, Vivek
Music: Deva
Director: Selva
Released: December 1999
Reviewer: Sandya Krishna
Rating: 1 star

Nakkal & Nyaandi doesn't die fast and Parthiban will not let such sins occur.  Unnarugae Naanirundhaal is a painful rememberance that Nakkal & Nyaandi are here to stay in all of Parthi's forthcoming films.  With the rather mediocre combination of Parthi & Director Selva, this quickie production's real highlights only involve Vadivelu & Vivek, which only reflects the sad state of films today.

Caught in a tangle between repetitious humor & emotion, Parthiban and Meena in "Unnarugil Naanirundhaal"Parthiban lends support to Meena, who struggles to pay off her father's debts.  His resolve to mortgage his taxi to help Meena, eventually leads to the expected end where the two fall head over heels in love with one another.  Parthiban's struggles to keep Meena from losing her father's house brings in the comic capers of Director Vivek, cine star Rambha & co., who rent the house for a film shoot.  To add to the miseries, the totally unrelated storyline of Anand & family gets its share of air time with Manorama (big teeth, terrible accent & all) playing an important role in ruining the Meena/Anand wedding.  All in all, UN follows the time-tested, arachcha maavu tradition to a tee.  The truth is Selva never experiments much with new ideas or unique screenplays and thankfully so.

The film begins and ends in ho-hum fashion and it is best that we leave it there.  Parthi stresses on being annoying in dialogue delivery; Meena is lean & gorgeous; Vadivelu reprises his role from Bharathi Kannamma and Vivek is hilarious beyond doubt as he jabs Kodambakkam & tamil films in any which way he feels fit.  Deva is his unfortunate Dhandam self (for obvious reasons, very few of Selva's productions boast of enjoyable music scores! Karna, Amaravathy & Roja Vanam being exceptions).  Self - Effacing Lousy Vat of Artless Cinema to put it gently :-)

Sandya Krishna

Original Photograph (Unnarugil Naanirundhaal): Thanks to Cinema Express
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Sandya