Rating: 2.5 stars

Veera Thaalaattu is "old wine in new bottle." Kasthuriraja has attempted to give a new look to the age old story of avenging the death of the hero's father. It never fails to amaze me that murders are done so easily, and without fear of the authorities, in Tamil movies. In order to complicate the story-telling and to maintain a measure of mystery, the story of Veera Thaalattu unfolds through a series of flashbacks.

Murali adores his mother Lakshmi, whose unlimited love for her son is exemplified by Murali putting the "pottu" for his mom. As the story unfurls, we learn that Lakshmi is a single mother who takes great pain to arrange for his marriage to Vineeta. Radha Ravi calls Lakshmi thangachi, but schemes against the marriage taking place. A question on who is the father of Murali, arises at the engagement ceremony. And the build-up of suspense gets stronger with the introduction of Rathika in prison! We now learn that Murali is the son of Rathika and Raj Kiran. Raj Kiran's brother murders him to enjoy the family estate. Radhika and Rajkiran in VeerathaalaattuAnd Lakshmi is the murderer's wife! Rathika and Radha Ravi does not want Murali to get married as they want him to avenge Raj Kiran's death. In typical Tamil movie style, Murali must now kill Lakshmi's husband, for whom he has been putting the "pottu" all this while!

That Kasthuriraja is a devotee of Ilayaraaja is proved in the beginning of the movie itself, when Murali worships Ilayaraja's photo as soon as he wakes up. That done, like Pillayaar suzhi, Kasthuriraja proceeds with the story, without carrying it any further! Ilayaraaja has attempted to excel in the movie, by recapturing his glory of the 80s. A singer pattalam present the songs: SP Bala, Malaysia Vasu, S. Janaki, SP Sailaja, Chitra, Arul Mozhi, Swarnalatha and even Gangai Amaran! Needless to say, Ilayaraaja sings a couple of songs too. There is a total of eight songs in the movie, with the title song, Kathaipoaley thoanum appearing no less than four times throughout the movie. Ilayaraaja is at his recent best in this song and the haunting melody is sure to win this song many fans. As if assembling a horde of singers was not enough, Kasthuriraja has also got a whole lot of actors and actresses in this movie, probably in the hope that the movie will click with ANY one of these factors. Kushboo is totally wasted in the movie and one wonders why she even consented to be in the movie. Besides the main actors, there is Manivannan, Sunderarajan, Manorama and Y. Vijaya.


Original Photograph (Veera Thaalaattu): Thanks to Cinema Express
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Krishna