Starring Vijaykumar, Bhanupriya, Rajeev Kumar, Raghuvaran.
Credits Music : Devaa

Direction : Suresh Krishnaa

Dialogues: Crazy Mohan

Reviewed By Prabha & Pady Srinivasan
Release Date Deepavali 97

Let me start of by describing the movie in a few words: Clean, clean, clean..... full family entertainment. I really mean it when I say 'clean'. No vulgarity, no violence, no fights (that is different from violence !!!), no songs with the dance extras dressed like school kids (except one - hey, we need to satisfy that section of the crowd !!!), no unneccessary senti, no good songs !!! (Not surprised ??? - 'Bit'-Deva needs to listen to more of  Rod Stewart OR Phil Collins numbers!!!), no great comedy (not like Avvai.. OR Michael,Madana..)., no cool Kuties OR pasange.

Stop,stop,stop. I dont want to pay 7 bucks for a movie with no 'SarakKu'. But you will still like this movie. Because this movie proves that you dont need anything abnormal or irritating or extraordinary performances to make it worthwhile.

Okay, let us get to some details.

Story: Vijayakumar is a successful businessman, with 3 children. His first son, Raghuvaran is also in the family business and is happily married to Banupriya. His second son, Rajiv Krishna (fresh face) is a useless chap contributing nothing to the family. The third is a handicapped daughter.

Rajiv falls in love with Sulekha (fresh face), who is the daughter of a cook, played by Delhi Ganesh. Rajiv covers the mistakes of all his family members and faces the daily curses from his father. His family likes Sulekha but Vijaykumar does not want to have any sambandam with a cook. Raghuvaran meets his former love, Sukanya, who is dying of brain tumor. How does Raghuvaran deal with his family about Sukanya, and will Vijaykumar accept his son's love ( Rajiv's) ???

The real heroes of the movie: 'Crazy' Mohan (dialogs),
Suresh Krishna (screenplay,direction),
Saravanan (photography),
The whole cast !!!

Look out for the 'Antakshari' song(s) (Illayaraja and Rehman). Some good work there by everybody.

Disappointment: * Deva,
* Not a great story,
* No memorable scenes.

Conclusion: 'Ahaa' is not 'Ohoo' but surely 'Ahaa'.