Rating 2 Stars

Yet another attempt by R.K.Selvamani to cobble up a movie based on real-life political happenings. May be his bad luck, it turns out be a cliche. The insipid story is about a honest CBI Officer Chandrashekar (who else but Mammooty), who refuses to kowtow politicians and gets muddled by the politicians when he attempts to enter their territory of criminal dealings. Mansoor Ali Khan as the usual abrasive villain and the Chief Minister's henchman. Probably to give the movie a national appeal, the director has chosen to make the heroine (Shilpa Shirodkar?) a Punjabi girl falling for our hero. The director is caught in a cross-fire between, coming out with a realistic movie, and at the same time, one with the hero running around the trees, and the heroine. He has obviously miserably failed. Anand Raj as a Sikh terrorist (looks funny in this costume), turning over a new leaf before dying, fails to make an impact. Wait! Don't worry about the north indian characters' Hindi. Mammootty, Roja, Shilpa Shirdokar etc. in ArasiyalAll of them can speak in all the Indian languages including Tamil very well. Their conversation will be in Tamil, except for the first two Hindi words. Courtesy: Manirathnam's Roja? The only redeeming aspect of the movie is the sattire in the scenes where the CM's concubine tries to buy out even towns and cities.(Reminds you of something that happened in TN two years back?).

You will find it very difficult to identify Roja as the Hero's sister (without her usual makeup!). Charan Raj in a hopeless role, just to fillup the time. Jai Ganesh and Sumitra as the hero's parents have no great job to do (except to complete the cast). Until the interval , the story is bearable (even though not new). After the interval and till the climax, you will find it very hard to watch the screen. Vidya Saagar's music and re-recording leave a lot to be desired. How many Tamil movies can we list, with the hero going berserk in the climax, and brutally killing all the politicians and baddies ? The court will either absolve the Hero of all crimes or will give him minimum punishment. Correct ? Arasiyal is no exception. Why can't our directors think of something new, innovative! How long is this tomfoolery going to continue? After all, they waste so much money, why can't they experiment on new stories? Do your best to avoid this movie!!

R. Vijayaraghavan

Original Photograph (Arasiyal): Thanks to Kumudam.
Photograph reworked by: Krishna