Rating: 3 Stars!!!

"Love .. could be a career move!  Men could be better motivated by their partners than by their parents!" - that's the theme.

There goes yet another role of Murali wandering with a group friends.  He is unemployed for about 8 years (awaiting the job to fall on his laps like his peers which includes the director himself) excitedly looking forward to see his childhood sweethart, Suvalakshmi, coming back from the town (?) after her education, for as many years.  But he lacks courage to express his love and seeks Renuka's (a sister  figure) help.  The fast talking (typecast!) Renuka guides both towards unification. Suva's father blocks the love because Murali has nothing substantial to take care of his daughter (fair point!) and hence tries a wealthy alliance.  The modern woman she surely is, Suva threatens to throw away the thali if she got into an unwilling alliance.  Only way for the love to materialize is to motivate the Lazy Murali to find a job.  Will he get a job just in time to keep the love going?  Will he eventually marry Suva?  What can the modern lovers learn new?  Find out!

Suvalakshmi, Murali, Manivannan in Dhinamdhorum

Suvalakshmi, Murali & Manivannan in Dhinamthorum

Nowadays every character seems to talk sense and to be more realisitic and sometimes, philosophical too.  In this Nagaraj, Suva, Renuka and Manivannan (as the local corrupt minister) do just that.  As Murali spends most of the time with his friends, entertainment is of no shortage.  Wonder how a realistic person like Nagaraj, can't find a job until after he himself falls in love with Murali's sister (Deepa Venkat of T.V. serial, Kaathal Pagadai).  Couple of duets are good.  Comedy is good.

Good start for Nagaraj.  Recommended.


Original Photograph (Dhinamdhorum): Dhinathandhi (Thanks to Dr. and Mrs. Ramachandran)
Photograph scanned/reworked by: Krishna