Janaki Raman

Starring Sarat Kumar, Nagma, Rambha, Manivannan, Goundamani, Senthil, R.Sunderajan, Anandaraj & Ponnambalam.
Credits Music :Sirpi

Story, Screenplay, Direction : C.Sundar

Reviewed By Ganesh Kumar
Release Date Deepavali '97

Director Sundar C. seems to have a "special formula" of his own to make a movie successful; The formula is of course, "comedy". This is the reason, why his movies Ullathai Alli Thaa, Mettukudi etc. turned out to be box-office hits. He continues to use this "special formula" in his latest offering Janakiraman.

Sarat Kumar plays the lead role as Janakiraman and Goundamani plays his brother. They are nephews of Sunderajan (their Sitthappa), Sunderajan is an 'Aanjaneyar' devotee and trains the two brothers to live as bachelor's. They are instructed not to talk to or look at any girl.

Meanwhile Manivannan, who plays another uncle, wants to get his two daughters married to the two brothers. So when Sunderajan goes out of town, Manivannan dresses up as 'Aanjaneyar' and comes to Janakiraman's bedroom and advices him to get married (as expected our hero really believes that the real 'Aanjaneyar' had come to see him).

This 'Aanjaneyar' (mani) even tells Janakiraman that he has a girl for him and asks him to meet her in 'Aanjaneyar' temple. Mani(as 'Aanjaneyar') also gives him the colour combination of the blouse and thavani that this girl would be wearing. Mani then gets his daughters to dress up according to the colour combination. But things go wrong when Janakiraman gets confused switches the colour combination of the blouse and thavani and meets Indhu(Nagma) instead.

Indhu is not happy living with her sisters because her two brothers-in-law (Anandaraj & Ponnambalam) want to marry her as their second wife. So Janakiraman & Indhu plans to get married; and on the wedding day Anandaraj sets up a duplicate bride (to be switched with Indhu) Meanwhile Mani arranges the marriage of one of his daughter with Janakiraman (with the same idea as Anandaraj) to be held on the same day & in the same wedding hall as Janakiraman & Indhu's wedding. So all the four girls (Indhu, Mani's two daughters, and the duplicate bride) wear exactly similar sarees, their faces covered with hanging flowers, get switched (this is where the best comedy scenes comes in). The confusion somehow brings Janakiraman & Indhu together and they get married; which disappoints Manivannan & Anandaraj.

Janakiraman & Indhu's happiness is shattered when Gayatri (Rambha) comes in the climax before the interval, and claims to be Janakiraman's first wife?

Is Gayatri really Janakiraman's first wife? No.. No... I'm not going to give away the answer... Watch the movie and find out for yourself!

Finally, this movie has plenty of laughs and fast pacing music. Both Sundar C. and Sirpy have done an excellent job. They should be credited for their work. I see another hit like Ullathai Alli Thaa coming up! So I would say Go For It!