Kalamellam Kadhal Vazhga

Starring Murali, Kausalya, Charlie
Credits Music : Deva

Screenplay, Direction : Balu

Photography : Thankar Bacchhan

Reviewed By R.Vijayaraghavan

Close on the heels of the success of Kaathal Kottai, this director also has made an attempt at making a love story without the lovers meeting, but with a difference.Here the love knows and sees the male she loves, but the lover doesn't know and has not seen the female he loves. He has only heard her on the phone. Sounds interesting? The end of the story is as expected by everybody. Murali is the college boy cum singer (with bundles of commitments belonging to the lower middle class) who enchants the rich college girl Kausalya (new face - with girl next door looks) with his musical skills. Kausalya the music buff who is in the habit of appreciating good singers over the phone, does it with Murali also. The telephonic voice of Kausalya turns out to have a tremendously magical romantic (???) effect upon our hero, who besides falling in love head over heel with her, wants to see her.

(Still from the movie "Kaalamellaam Kaadhal Vaazhga")

But Kausalya for some reason (The reason is not at all convincing) would like to keep herself in the shell, and would not like Murali to see her. Charlie, Vivek and one another (new comer?) guy are Murali's pals at college. The highlight of the movie is the comedy created by this group (kudos especially to Vivek!!). Their comedy is more fun to watch than the main story itself. The director has been very generous in allocating good part of the time to comedy. The scenes where the four go to BPL gallery to buy nothing and the examination copying scenes are worth watching.


Eventhough the cast includes a big group like Nasser, Gemini Ganesh, Rajeev etc., none of the roles really have any scope for their skill levels. Thangar Bhachaan's photography is a splendid feast to the eyes. All locations, sets and lighting lending adequate support for his camera. Deva's music is more than average in this movie. The song "Oru Mani adithaal kanne..." (Hariharan) is high class followed by "Bhagavane Bhagavane ..." (Mano and co.). Deva himself has rendered one or two songs and everything except his voice is good. The direction is average. After the interval there is a clear tardiness in the pace of the movie. The director unnecessarily brings in characters and instances that have hardly anything to do with the story.


Overall, if it is a long time since you saw a movie with good comedy, above average music and crystal clear photography, here is one for you.