Rating :3 Stars

After a long wait a Napolean movie! It runs in the same track as Bharathiraja's mega hit Kizlakku Seemayillae. In K. S. the brother (Vijayakumar) marries off his 'thangachi' and sends her to her in-laws. In Kizhakkum Merkkum, Napolean marries off his akka Geetha and sends her away. Napolean, Nasser and Geetha(Sun T.V's Kaiyaalavu maanasu fame) give a good performance. Especially Geetha! What a performance. The super star of 'sinna thirai' is back! She portrays herself very well as an ill- treated wife. Devayani has actually acted in this movie. After her good performance in Soorya Vamsam, I think she has done a good job in this movie. Probably 15 lakhs per movie must have something to do with it.

Now the story line,
The story is about a brother (Napolean) and a sister (Geetha) who get kicked out of their home, by their step-mother at a young age, and the struggles they have to go through to come up in life. Napolean & Devyani in Kizhakkum MerkkumThe brother hunts for a good husband for his sister and finally finds Nasser. When he inquires about Nasser's character everyone portrays Nasser as a good person but he turns out to be a nightmare. Geetha's world turns upside down when Nasser's 'vapppati' walks into her married life. Napolean kidnaps Nasser's sister (Devayani) to stop his sister getting abused at Nasser's hands. What happens next? Does Napolean marry Devayani? Do they fall in Love? What happens to Geetha? Well you have to see the movie to find out!

Illaiyaraja is definitely back. After Kaathalukku Mariyaathai he has done a good job in this movie. There are two good songs in this movie. The one sung by Pavatharani is excellent. The maestro has thrown his hat in the ring. Let's see what the new comers can come up with.

A must see movie. It lacks the kodammpaka masala but plenty of manvaasanai.


Original Photograph (Kizhakkum Merkkum): Thanks to Cinema Express.
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Krishna