After a lot of hype, the movie is finally out.  It is loaded with debutantes.  Manu from Bollywood, M. S. Viswanathan, the music maestro from yester years and finally the new music director Bharadwaj are a few who are making a debut in this movie... Ajeeth is at his best in this movie.  After some mediocre performances following Kaadhal KOttai, he is back with a powerful performance in this...  His acting in the climax is very good.

Manu.. Wow... What can I say?  She really knows how to act...   That smile and tilting head, see the movie and you will know what I am trying to say... M. S. Viswanathan... those haunting tunes of yester years are back... M. S. V. acting as a mess master is very good...  Bharadwaj has done a good job for a debutante but not up to scratch...  Lyricist Vairamuthu has done it again.  Lyrics are beautiful.   Listen to the lyrics, guys.

Ajeetkumar and Manu in Kaadhal MannanPretty controversial story line: Can you fall in love with someone who has proposed to marry (Nichaya Thaartham) someone else?  Definitely it is a taboo subject for our culture.  The director has done a beautiful job in bringing the characters alive... Ajeeth sees Manu at her Nichaya thaartham and falls in love with her...

Unnai Paartha Pinbu Naan naanaaga Illaiyae...

En ninaivu terindhu naan ithu pola illaiyae

Yaen Piranthen endru naan iruntaen unnai paartha pinbu athai naan arinthaen

Manamagaalai unnai paartha pinbum unnai sirai edukka manam thudi kidhadee....

The above song verse says it all.  "I like to capture your heart even though I know you are going to marry someone else."  Manu also starts to fall in love with Ajeeth after getting to know him well.  The director portrays this very well.  But Manu's father is against love and the villain in the movie is Manu's proposed groom, Karan.  How both Ajeeth and Manu fight all these obstacles and join is the story line.

The climax scene is good.  If you are in love you should have the guts to say it... Oru pennin vaazhvil appanirkku, (father), piraggum vaazhkai uLLathu.   Man, what a statement!!...

To the Director Sharan, I take my hat off to you for a job well done and recommend this movie to all the tamil movie lovers out there.


Original Photograph (Kaadhal mannan): Thanks to Kumudam
Photograph reworked by: Krishna