Rating: 3 Stars

INTRO: Looking for something different? Or how would you like an incident forming an entire movie. If these don't hook you, Kaadhaley Nimmadhi is a movie on love, but where there are no lovers nor love duets? Interested? Read on....

SYNOPSIS: Kavitha (formerly known as Jeevitha Sharma), Nasar's sister, is to be arrange-married to Murali, a lawyer. One day, on a normal outing to the temple, an incident happens that sets the entire movie in motion. Kavitha plays with Nasar's daughter by waving and sending flying kisses to her. Surya who is an archaelogist, in the meantime is taking photos of the temple engravings. Nasar witnesses this but he gets the wrong impression that Surya is taking photos of a posing Kavitha! He beats him up despite Kavitha's claim of innocence. A series of events further proves his suspicion of them, when in actual fact Surya and Kavitha are strangers. Kavitha's father, Charuhaasan turns her away from his house and she seeks *asylum* in Radhika's (Surya's mum) house. In the meantime, Surya is tormented and held prisoner by Nasar who wants him to admit his *love* for Kavitha. The poor guy, at his wit's end, escapes and goes to his own house. Minutes later he is arrested on suspicion of kidnapping Kavitha. The rest is best seen on the screen...!

Rasika & Jeevitha Sharma in Kaadhalae NimmadhiEVALUATION: Kaadhalae Nimmadhi is yet another movie that captures *love* in a new scenario, following the trend set by Kaadhal Koattai, Goakulathil Seethai and the recent Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai. One got to be thankful that it is not *arachcha maavu* once again.Surya again shows his inability to act (after Nerukku Ner), but since this movie doesn't require much acting, the other cast support his role. Manivannan as the president of Radhika's apartments, is his hilarious self. He gets to sing a song (where Rajnikanth is used as an excuse!). There are plenty of one-liners, which are quite funny. I feel Radhika's role could have been better handled by Manorama, as she (Radhika) looks depressed throughout the movie. Murali has a minor role, which he has handled quite well.

MUSIC: C. Deva's trademarks are all over the movie. The title song, Kaathaley nimmathi sounds like a rehash of Kaalamellam kaathal vaazhga of Kaadhal Koattai. (Does his initial stand for *copycat*?) He also sings a song ala Kadhal Koattai, which mercifully doesn't require the *yamma-yamma* high pitch of Kavalai padaadhe sagoadhara. In my opinion, all the songs are hindrance to the story-flow.

CONCLUSION: With good Tamil movies being rare nowadays, treat yourself to this movie, which is completely suitable for the entire family. Even the *fighting* scenes are very natural and not grossly violent.

Namma ooru velan

Original Photograph (Kaadhalae Nimmadhi): Thanks to New Filmaalayaa.
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Krishna