Rating: 2-1/2Stars

Producer: Sai Lakshmi Moviemakers

INTRO: Two movies for the price of one! Yes, it's one before the intermission and another after....

SYNOPSIS: Raja (Arjun) is a carefree, rich orphan who yearns for the comforts and love of a family. (Lalitha) Simran is his girlfriend. A playful character, Raja always springs surprises and play tricks on his friends, with Lalitha being no exception. One fine day, his playfulness backfires and three of his friends are killed. As a result, Lalita doesn't want to have anything with him. In guilt and desolation, Raja writes away his fortune to the families of the deceased and seeks out the family of his friend, Anand who has left behind his child. End of first story. Raja meets up with the huge family of Anand and passes the child to them. Forced to stay one night, he discovers that someone is attempting to kill the child. He then gets himself into a situation where he can continue staying in the house and detect the mystery! In the meantime, Vijaya (Mantra) shamelessly throws herself at him. Arrangements are also made for the wedding of one of the family members. To his shock, the girl is none other than......! (I'm sure you are able to guess.:-))

EVALUATION: Ravikumara ithu? This question pops up quite frequently in the beginning. Put aside logic, if you want to enjoy this movie. For instance why should Lalita be so dead against Raja, when she herself witnessed what obviously was an accident? Also Raja could have alerted Gemini & Sowcar immediately upon learning of the threat to the baby's life. Can you also imagine not naming the child until many, many scenes later? Other than these details, the movie is quite enjoyable. The star cast is huge, but Ravikumar ably handles them. Delhi Ganesh in drag ala Avvai Shanmughi, complete with the original music, is a riot! The naming the child ceremony will please the sentimentalist. I suspect, Ravikumar himself appears in the last scene. A future Manivannan?

MUSIC: The songs didn't impress me. For a movie recorded in DTS, a more upbeat MD would have been useful.

CONCLUSION: Kondaatta-thil periya kondaattam illei, but pozhuthu poakkukaaga paarkkalaam. Except for Mantra's terrible degradation of women, the movie is alright for family viewing.

Namma ooru Velan

Original Photograph (Kondaattam): Thanks to Ananda Vikatan.
Photograph reworked by: Krishna