Love Today

Starring Vijay, Suvalakshmi, Raghuvaran, Karan, Manthra
Credits Music : Shiva

Story, Screenplay, Direction : Balashekar

Producer : R.B.Chowdhry, Super Good Films

Reviewed By Prabha & Pady Srinivasan

Vijay plays a college student who has been in love with Suvalakshmi for   3 years without  communicating his feelings to her! (shades of  'Idhayam' ? ). His friends and father ( Raghuvaran ) support him. Suva's (for the sake of brevity) father ( a policeman ) ia a drunkard. When Vijay manages to tell Suva about his love, her father starts suspecting her. But Suva keeps assuring her father and Vijay that she is not in love. In an accident ( I have reached the climax so soon !!!! ), Vijay loses his father. Suva then begins to love Vijay ( because he has been so nice to her, blah, blah, blah ). Will vijay accept her ? That forms the gist of the movie!

About 25% of the movie are songs, and surprisingly only 2 songs are duets ( for God's sake, this is a love story !!! ). The other 6 songs are college stuff. 25% of the movie is how Vijay tries to get the attention of Suva. 25% of the movie is on Raghuvaran becoming good friends with Vijay's friends ( they call him 'appa' !!! ) and his death, 24.99% is on Suva's father's lunatic behaviour ( drunkard, wife-beater, a doubting 'Thomas' suspecting his wife and daughter,  etc etc etc ). Oh, I forgot the .01%. It is about Suva falling in love with Vijay !!! So much for a plot!

luv2day.gif (30859 bytes)

The songs sounded like listening to the latest arabic tunes with music of Laxmikanth-Pyarelal ( remember the 60's and 70's music in Hindi movies ). Comedy ( mainly from Vijay's friends ) is okay ( meaning bearable ). Performance by Suvalakshmi is really   good. The rest of the cast are below average. The director has failed in getting the best out of the actors. ( Eg: Karan in 'Kadhal Kottai' gave a much better performance than his performance here )

This movie, by the way, is a decent hit because of its 'Vityasamana' ending. So if somebody likes surprise endings ( even if it is not very acceptable ) , try this out. Of late, movies with different endings and/or stories have become a hit in Tamil Cinema. So, its no surprise that this was a hit because of its ending--giving a new option to many students who r blindly in love with girls (especially when it is one sided love). The message here seems to be that Love when not reciprocated  at the proper time becomes a waste ( if the other person  starts loving when everything is over, don't expect love to bloom once again.).