Minsara Kanavu

Starring Arvind Swamy, Prabhu Devah, Kajol, Girish Karnad, S.P.B
Credits Music :A.R.Rehmaan

Story, Screenplay, Direction : Rajeev Menon

Produced By : A.V.M

Reviewed By Srilakshmi Sitaraman

Minsaara Kanavu is again a triangular love story with a little difference. It has good entertainment value, awesome cinematography and execellent songs and choreographed dances. The songs's that linger in mind are 'Vennilave' and 'Strawberry Kannae' . It is easy to become a fan of Prabhu Deva after this movie if you are not one yet , But Aravind swamy fans...Beware!


The film is about Priya(Kajol) who after graduating from a convent wants to become a Nun. Thomas(Aravind Swamy) who is her childhood playmate is in love with her and is unable to express himself to her or change her mind. Deva (Prabhu Deva) plays a barber and a budding musician is supposed to be an expert in handling women and persuasion skills. Thomas befriends him and explains his problem to him ,asking him to change priya's mind. Prabhu Deva is exetremely funny with his antics at the saloon and needless to say a great dancer. Kajol looks stunningly beautiful.



Will Deva be able to convince Priya ?


Will Thomas be able express his love for her?


This is a lighthearted fun movie to watch, also be ready for an unexpected ending :). I am still confused if Arvind Swamy is the comedian or the hero of the movie. It is almost funny to watch him doing the emotional or the passionate scenes . The Roja charm has vanished somehow. This movie has also set to be released in Hindi titled Sapnay.