Nerukku Ner

Starring Vijay, Surya [Debut], Kausalya, Simran, Raguvaran, Shanthi Krishna, Vivek & Manivannan.
Credits Music : Deva

Producer: Manirathnam [Madras Talkies]

Direction : Vasanth

Reviewed By Ganesh Ramachandran

The story starts off with Raghuvaran, a passport issuing officer and his wife Shanthi Krishna... Raghu tells Shanthi that he did something unfaithful while he was in Goa (see the movie to know what it is.)  She immediately leaves for her mother's house. Raghu tries to stop her by apologizing, but in vain.

Raghu's brother Vijay and Shanthi's brother Surya meet in a cinema theatre. Vijay blames Shanthi to be the cause of the problem and Surya blames Raghu for the same. They keep on fighting like this throughout the movie. Meanwhile both the heroes Vijay and Surya find their own girlfriends and fall in love... Vijay is paired with Kausalyaa (Kalamellam Kadhal Vazgha) while Surya is paired with Simran (VIP). There are some very good love scenes and love songs to enjoy. The songs are super. Sabhas Deva!

(Still from "Nerukku Ner")

Back to Raghu... One day he finds a bundle of cash on his table and meets the person (Karan) who kept the money there. Raghu finds out that Karan is an MLA, wanted by the police. Karan wants to leave the country to escape from the police and he needs a fake passport, since his passport is confiscated by the police; He tells Raghu to get one for him; but Raghu disagrees and calls the police instead; The MLA gets angry and promises to avenge Raghu. Meanwhile, Raghu and Shanthi apply for a divorce. Child custody of their daughter Sona (Baby Jennifer), who was in her periamma's (Shanthi's sister's) house when the break up occurred, is given to the mother by the court.

One day Surya takes Sona to a fair and somehow loses her. In the confusion that follows, Sona falls from a ferri-wheel and is taken to the hospital by Vijay. She is brought to Raghu's house, once she recovers. Soon Vijay discovers that Sona has lost her hearing in the accident...

Some days later Surya finds that Sona is missing... Raghu tells everyone that Sona is in his sister's house. Since Sona's custody is given to the mother, this action of Raghu's is wrong in the eyes of law. So Shanthi and Surya accompanied by a lawyer come to Raghu's house to get Sona back. At that time, Raghu suffers a serious asthma attack, while in the bathroom, and everyone saves him. After recovering Raghu tells that Sona is not in his sister's house, but has been kidnapped by Karan who is out on bail.


In the turn of events, Raghu issues a fake passport to Karan... But he doesn't want Karan to escape from the police. And the two heroes who join hands for the first time in this movie, make sure that this doesn't happen... They save Sona who is with the MLA's wife and brother-in-law in a van, which is roaming around somewhere in the city; Finally the police arrest the MLA.

How Vijay and Surya go about saving Sona is to be seen either on the silver screen or on video.

Overall a good movie to watch, with a lot of advice. Songs are very good (Aval Varuvaalla, Akila Akila, Manam Virumbudhae) but the locations chosen to shoot the songs are boring and cheap. Why did Maniratnam spend so little on this movie, in particular the songs; while everyone else seems to be going overseas for song picturisation?  Surya's acting is not up to the mark. There are only two fights between Vijay and Surya. One of them lasts only for a few seconds, until the police come and stop it. Another big fight is in the last quarter of the movie, and of course there is one fight with the villain. So this movie is good for family watching as there are no violent scenes. Another plus point is that Raghu is acting as a very good man in this movie. Manivannan and Vivek provide the laughs (which have nothing to do with the main story). So go ahead and watch it and give yourself a treat. I'm sure you will enjoy it.