Director Sundar C. best known for his ability to present a story with a Comic element; has come out with yet another one... Naam Iruvar Namakku Iruvar, is actually a combination of Mettukudi, Thedinen Vanthadhu and several other movies...

Deva(Prabu Deva) and Mani(Manivannan) are full time "robbers", They go to funerals, and ask for the dead person... When they are told that the person is dead, Deva and Mani show a painting and say that the dead person had ordered the painting few weeks back and had paid the deposit. Now that the person is dead, Deva and Mani say, that they will return the deposit money. The relatives of the dead person on the other hand, say that they will take the painting (thinking that the painting was the dead person's last wish) and pay Mani and Deva the full cost of the painting. The duo do this to actually support Deva's brothers and sisters who were abandoned by Deva's grand father Gemini Ganesan... For this reason Deva never respects his grand father.

Deva dreams about Meena (His "dream girl") and tells Mani that he must find her. One day Deva and Mani comes across an expensive diamond. While running away from the police, Mani hides the diamond in a toy and leaves it in the backseat of a car. Later they find the car in the home of S. S. Chandran and Manjula, Maheswari's(Pooja) parents. Deva and Mani enter the house by claming Mani to be Maheswari's uncle.

Naam Iruvar Namakku Iruvar!!!Deva and Mani keep trying to find the diamond. In the meanwhile, Deva and Pooja's engagement is arranged. Mani convinces Deva to go ahead with the marriage, since it will be easier to retrieve the diamond if they get involved with the family. Deva agrees... On the day of the engagement Pooja's sister Indhu (Deva's "dream girl" Meena) shows up...

What happens next ?......... Here's a little clue; Deva disguises as "twins" Deva and "Prabu" . "Prabu" falls for Indhu, while Deva is engaged to Pooja. Deva manages to make everyone believe that he and his "twin brother" are two different people. He removes his beard when he is Prabu and puts on a fake beard when he is Deva. What follows is presented in a comic manner...

This is an average kind of movie from Sundar C. While his earlier movies had good easy-to-follow stories; this one is pretty complicated. Music by Karthik Raja is Excellent! A lot like his previous hit Ullaasam. One of the songs is shot in Sun City, South Africa, with English women as group dancers. There is also another song where many Prabu Devas appear in different colored clothes in a single shot. This movie has nothing new to offer. So, watch it if you haven't seen Prabu Deva minus his beard or if you are ready to shut off your brain for 2 1/2 hours.


Original Protograph (Naam Iruvar Namakku Iruvar): Audio cassette cover.
Photograph scanned by: Balaji Thirumalaikumara
Photograph reworked by: Krishna