Once More

Starring Sivaji Ganesan, Vijay, Manivannan, Saroja Devi and Simran.
Credits Music : Deva

Producer: C. V. Rajendran

Direction : S. A. Chandrasekaran

Reviewed By Krishna Sivaramapuram

Hmmmm....... How do I start!!!!!!!! And how do I end!!!!!!!




Vijay, act NO MORE under your father's direction; You seem to do well otherwise.

Sivaji Sir, act NO MORE in such awful movies just because an old friend asked you.

Deva, NO MORE of such low quality work; You have done better when you wanted to.

S. A. Chandrasekaran, Please direct NO MORE. You probably have other good talents.

Simran... What can I say.... Please start acting soon...


(still from the movie "Once More")


The saving grace of the movie are Manivannan and Sivaji's majestic presence [Even this presence takes a back seat in some scenes...]. Saroja Devi is an unwelcome addition. Usually actors seem to mature in acting with age. Well, there seems to be exceptions to every thing...