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This movie is Prabhu's offering to his fans for pongal '98. It comes after Thedinaen Vanthathu but with a better performance from him. It has all the ingredients of a Prabhu's movie, kodampakka masala, comedy, sudden twists in the story line, music….. But, you have to survive the first 1/2 hour of masala to enjoy the movie. Prabhu has given an exceptional performance in the movie. Excellent comedy! A good laugh! The story line has sudden twists, which makes it interesting too. Both Suvalakshmi (Gokulathil Seethai fame) and Priya Raman have done a good job. But the director could have made use of Suvalakshmi a bit more! Manivanan's acting, what can I say?

Now the story line,
Prabhu, Suvalakshmi and their kid live in a colony owned by Manivannan. Prabhu's 'Marathi kunnam' leads to lot of hilarious situations. In one of those moments he meets Priya Raman. The meeting develops into a good friendship. Priya eventually tells Prabhu that she loves him, without realizing that he is already married. In the mean time a villan (Karan) comes into the story to harass Suvalakshmi. Karan declares that he loves her! Priya wants to marry Prabhu. What happens next? Does Priya finds out about Prabhu's double life?What does Suvalakshmi do? You have to see the movie to find out.

But prepare yourselves for twists in the story line. There is a saying in Tamil Pennin mana aalathai alakka mudiyathu (You can't tell what's there in a ladies heart). Well after watching this movie I have to add, it's hard to predict a guy's thoughts too. So, ladies, think before you make decisions about the guys out there and their actions.

S.A.Rajkumar's music is not bad. One song in particular sung by Hariharan is excellent.

A good movie to watch.

P. Balan

Original Photograph (Ponmanam): Thanks to Cinema Express.
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Krishna