Starring Arvind Swamy, Mamoothy, Aamni, Saakshi, Goundamani, Sendhil, Vijayakumari, Udayaprakash
Credits Music : Vidyasaagar

Cinematography : Balamurugan

Story, Screenplay, Direction : Selva.

Producer : Kovai Chezian

Reviewed By Namma Ooru Velan

INTRO: Arvind takes on a different role in this movie - and that is the only saving grace in the entire movie! Nothing else - I repeat - nothing else is worth your time in watching this movie.


SYNOPSIS: Madhu (Udayaprakash) steals the map to a treasure (thus the title) during an archaelogical expedition and couriers it to the baddies in the movie. Kodiswaran (Arvind Swamy) begins work in this courier firm owned by Tiruchitrambalam  (Manivannan). He rents a room in a house where Vijayakumari, Goundamani & Senthil, and Sundari (Aamni?) stay. Captain Vishwanath (Mammooty), Vijayakumari's son is Aamni's murai maapillai, but refuses to marry her because of his loyalty to the country! By chance Arvind, who is pursued by Swapna (Saakshi), gets hold of the treasure map and goes hunting - during a crossfire between the army and the baddies.


(Still from the movie "Pudhayal")


EVALUATION: I wanted to see the movie since Arvind's comedian role was much publicised. Granted he does his role well, however, it is simply not worth the time, money or effort in watching the movie. Manivannan, Goundamani and Senthil deliver their stuff. The vaazha pazha joke is recycled again by the duo! The movie starts well with the archaelogical exercise. Director Chelva must have had big dreams, but things lose steam by the second half of the movie and its all downhill from then on.


MUSIC: Vidhyasagar's music is well below his average - and that is giving it too much credit! There is a total of six songs, none of them being memorable. The song Ochama, ochama is the best in the whole movie! You can imagine how low the others can get!


CONCLUSION: Don't watch this movie unless you are nuts over Arvind OR have a severe case of insomnia!