This follows in the footsteps of Murali's earlier success Porkkaalam. But his performance is pretty mediocre compared to it. Another love story... Murali, Anand Babu, Senthil and Madan Bab are friends conducting a music group. Does this sound familiar? Murali's movies now tend to end up with a music group of four friends and love at first sight. Puthu Vaasantham, Kaalam Ellaam Kaathal Vaazhga are some of Murali's movies which more or less had the same story script. This movie can't match Puthu Vasantham in any sense. The acting of Sitharaa in Puthu Vasantham is far superior to the new Kodambakkam arrival from Mumbai 'Reeva'.

Now the story line,
Murali falls in love with Reeva in a college function, but does not reciprocate this love. In the mean time Murali's blind mother sends him a marriage proposal, she received for him, with the photograph of the girl for Murali's approval. Murali & Reeva in Roja MalaraeThis ends up in Reeva's hand who changes the photograph with her own photograph and sends it to Murali. This makes him go behind Reeva even more. Now Arun Pandiyan enters the picture portraying a perfectionist character. Reeva's father arranges her marriage with Arun Pandiyan and Reeva agrees. All this time she does not know of Murali's love for her. What happens next?

Both Murali and Anand babu have done their part very well. But Reeva's performance is bad. I don't think she's going to last in Kodambakkam.The movie has two good songs(Azhagoviam). Adhithyan has done a good job. The music is the only plus point in this movie !!

I won't recommend this as a good movie. But tamil music lovers this has good songs.

P. Poobalan

Original Photograph (Roja Malarae): Thanks to Cinema Express.
Photograph reworked by: Krishna