Surya Vamsam

Starring Sarath Kumar, Devayani, Priya Raman, Radhika, Nizhalgal Ravi, Manivannan, R. Sundararajan.
Credits Music : S. A. Rajkumar

Story, Screenplay, Dialogue, Direction : Vikraman

Producer : R. B. Choudhary [Super Good Films]

Reviewed By Krishna Sivaramapuram

Surya Vamsam: [Super Good Films]With the magic of K. Balachander as a director slowly fading away, the tamil film industry was looking for some fresh new talent who will take the reins of this wild horse. Mega directors like Maniratnam and Shankar turned up, but they wouldn't make movies based on the daily human ordeals... At the same time there was this director Vikraman who was slowly making his mark with movies, based on stories that reflect day to day life of the people. One such movie in this director's lineup is Surya Vamsam.


The film, neither boasts of a revolutionary story nor classy acting... But it has an appeal that is difficult to describe... The story revolves around a village leader Sakthivel Gounder [Sarathkumar Sr.] who doesn't have any respect for his youngest son Chinnaraasu [Sarathkumar Jr.], since Jr. was never motivated towards his studies. When Jr. rejects marrying his childhood sweetheart Gowri [Priya Raman], Sr. boils in fury and stops talking to Jr.

In comes Nandhini [Devayani] at this point and promptly falls in love with Jr. for reasons that are palatable only in movies... She turns the Jr.'s life around, and he slowly gets accepted by his father and the society. Manivannan as Jr.'s uncle and R. Sundararajan as Nandhini's uncle provide a very nice and subdued comedy... Atlast tamil films have found a proper person in Manivannan to do good flowing comedy...

A scene that is worth mentioning is the one after the Hospital opening ceremony...   Radhika, Jr.'s mom, exudes her experience and a natural flair for comedy when she questions where Sr. was, during this ceremony...

S. A. Rajkumar's music is below par. I really wonder how Rosaappoo got into the Top 10. This kind of a movie doesn't require any great cinematography and S. Saravanan does not disappoint your expectations.

This one is a clean movie to watch with the family. No great twists or turns. No big fights. Gentle movie that will not leave you with a headache, when you leave the theater.