Thaali Puthusu

Starring Ramki, Suresh, Kushboo, Rajesh, Thalai Vasal Vijai, V. A. Moorthy,
Manivannan, Senthil
Credits Music : Vidyasaagar & Raj

Producer: Perumal Pictures

Dialogues: N. Prasanna Kumar

Story,  Screenplay, Direction : Keyaar

Originally Released April (18th) 1997. (Tamil New Year's Day Release)
Reviewed By Namma Ooru Velan

INTRO: Kushboo, despite her ample figure, seems to be quite popular with movie-makers. This movie must have been made depending solely on her.

SYNOPSIS: Arun (Ramki) pursues Sitha (Kushboo) relentlessly. Unable to tolerate this, Sitha reveals her past in a mega flashback. Sitha is poor man (add spineless) Rajesh's daughter. Rajesh and his family suffer tremendous hardships, which is further added when his son-in-law (Vijai) joins the household. Balu (Suresh) meets her in a ration shop and falls for her, despite having a father (Manivannan) who is extremely stingy. Balu convinces his father about their relationship and gets married to Sitha. Before consummating their marriage he is killed in a crossfire. Spineless Rajesh then tries to take the easy way out (you got to see this to believe it). In a turn of events, the nastyVijai forcefully ties a thaali (please note, for the second time for Sitha) on Sitha. The court annuls their union. Arun now proposes to marry Sitha and for the third time, the thali goes qaround her neck. The million dollar question is, will this thaali stay on?

EVALUATION: Ramki and Suresh, both of whom look very much younger to Kushboo, merely seem to be decorative pieces in the movie; the entire story revolving around Kushboo. The director has given a new outlook to the comedy scenes and these are the best parts of the movie. V.A. Moorthy is a riot with his non-stop questioning. Senthil comes as Leg Tata, with a footstep so powerful that it can bring down an entire business! Manivannan also shines with wisecracks aplenty.

MUSIC: Vidhyasaga's music is atrocious and fortunately there are only two songs, Chicku chicku chicku and Siragey virithey poongkuruvi, both of which are easily forgettablel

CONCLUSION: Die-hard fans of Kushboo would definitely want to see this movie. The comedy tracks in this movie are worth mentioning, but beyond that, there is really nothing new. Suitable for minors.