Ullathai Alli Thaa

Starring Karthik, Rambha, Manivannan, Jai Ganesh, Goundamani, Senthil
Credits Music : Sirpi

Story,  Screenplay, Direction :C. Sundar

Reviewed By Idhayan

Though there can be many answers to this question of why the film became a major hit, the basic opinion would be that it was DIFFERENT ! With lots of action and romance movies been feeded to the fans, there is no doubt why a completely different comedy movie stole the show. For Karthik it was a nice comeback. The duo of Karthik and Goundamani really tickled the theatre with laughter. Ramba also boosted the collection with a fine number of catchy and pleasing(to the eyes) songs.


Here goes the story. A rich youth vexed by his father's attitude towards him leaves the house on the advise of the villain. He meets Goundamani while he tries to pickpocket him. He goes to a different place where he meets Ramba and falls for her. By turn of events he becomes a driver in her household . Manivannan who plays the role of Ramba's father and Karthik's father (Jai Ganesh) are friends. Manivannan in search of real Karthik mistakes Goundamani as Karthik and brings him to his house. When Jai Ganesh comes to Mani's place to see his son, Karthik-Goundamani duo had to exchange places and do the same things so as not to invoke suspicion. Meanwhile another Manivannan (dual role ), the twin brother of Mani is the real villain. He plans to exchange places with the Ramba's father the rich Mani so that he can loot the property. But just to gain acceptance from Ramba's father, Karthik and Goundamani too plan to kidnap the rich Manivannan and then get money from Ramba. That money was needed to satisfy Mani that Karthik can earn on his own. Till now Manivannan thinks Goundamani as the real Karthik and Karthik as the driver. While Jai ganesh knows Karthik and thinks Goundamani as the driver. The story goes into climax when Karthik and Goundamani try to kidnap Mani while the villain Mani's men (Senthil and Pandu) steals Mani from them. Then atlast everyone find the truth and the bad elements are put behind bars. All along the story is interwoven with comedy. Jothi meena is also in the cast as Mani's secretary. Manivannan really steals the show with his pungent comments . With all those pleasing songs (I love u love u...., Azhagiya laila..., chittu chittu kuruviku..) no wonder it became a super hit. For the director C.Sundar it was a boon and a jewel in his cap.