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Tamil Thirai Valai Awards - PollBest of 1999Finally, after a long delay due to lots of time constraints... Here are the results of "Best of 1999" TTV poll.



Tamil New Year Releases: Shalini in "Alaipayuthey"Tamil Thirai Valai presents an exclusive look at the Tamil New Year releases 2000.  Read more as Sandya gives you the juicy details & some surprises!



Arvind Swamy and Madhubala in "Roja"Technology HAS improved so much!.. as one of the top grossers in Indian cinema, Maniratnam's Roja enters the elite list as the first Tamil film to be released on DVD.  Here's what Balaji Thirumalai has to say about the Roja DVD.



As I ascended the flight of stairs and turned, I was shocked to see the maestro himself coming up to receive us and asking us what he could do for us. Shyam Sekhar describes with awe, his meeting with The maestro.



The much awaited movie Jeans has finally been released... Some of us have seen the movie and many have read the reviews... Many of you might be interested in knowing the movies travel to the silver screen... Here's Sandya answering those questions of yours!!!!



A tongue in cheek look at the 'mahurat' of Marudhanayagan




Movies of 1997!!!An encyclopedia for the movies that have been released and are expected to be released this year, 1997, written by Sandya. A compilation of the year that was (and still is!)

Aishwarya Rai Kandu Kondaen Kandu Kondaen, Ice-in mugam kandu kondaen.   Check out the pictures, rumours and more.. as Sandya writes about Rajeev Menon's latest offering.



Tamil Thirai Valai Awards - PollBest of 1998: Tamil Thirai Valai Awards Poll Results for 1998 are here!   Be sure to check on all the results and analysis by Sandya on the top performers/winners for this year! Here is the winners list for the 1998 Tamil Thirai Valai.



Atlast, here it is... The interview you have been waiting for... TTV's chennai correspondent D. Tamizhselvan interviews "Kaviyarasu" Vairamuthu... Here is Part I and Part II of "Uraiyaada oru kaviyarasu"



Tamil Thirai Valai Awards - PollBest of 1997 - Tamil Thirai Valai Awards Poll RESULTS are here. Analysis of the Top performers of 1997 (based on poll results) by Sandya. Thanks for your overwhelming support.



Deepavali Releases!!!A Deepavali releases special!!! Sandya's complete listing of Deepavali movies + guesses about some more movies that could have been released on Deepavali October 30, 1997.
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An in-depth look into the initial stages of the making of Marudhanayagam, the movie that has become an obsession to Kamalahassan.