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Chinna Raja.. Sketchy information currently on this Chitra Ramu - Chitra Lakshmanan koottani film starring Karthik in the lead role.. Pooja Kumar, the debut heroine in K.R's "Kaadhal Rojave," will co-star and Deva will compose music..

Chinna Ramasami, Periya Ramasami.. It's been quite dismal for Director R.V.Udhayakumar ever since he left the village for the city!.. His two city based films, "Nandhavana Theru" and "Subaash".. both faired very poorly to merely fair at the box office.. So, R.V.U. is back to the village wanting to start a new chapter in his career.. He not only directs C.R.P.R... but also acts as Chinna Ramasami, the playboy!.. Jayaram plays P.R. while newcomers Udhaya and Rasika ("Poonjolai").. Ilaiyaraja composes music.. as we know, RVU would not go to anyone else for his music.. except when he has NO choice!..

Conductor Maapillai.. After his great performance in "Poomani".. Murali has increased the edhirpaarpus from his fans.. He currently stars in CM with Swathi, Subhasri (though Devayani's name appears here and there!), Karan ("Kaadhal Kottai") and others.. Music by Soundaryan and direction by R.Chandra (who appears to be a newcomer!)..


Devaraj.. Even Jayaram and Ranjitha would have lost hope in seeing the film release in theaters.. The soundtrack was released in the last few months in India, though people in foreign countries heard the songs much earlier (Many thanks to the "Iruvar" CD).. Goundamani,Senthil and many others star.. Deva composes music as Rasi Azhagappan directs..

Devadhai.. After the unfortunate fall of "Avathaaram" two years ago.. Nasar has finally ventured to make a new film!.. Terribly disappointed with the failure of "Avathaaram," which had given him plenty of mana niraivu, Nasar decided to take a whole new approach by making a completely commercial film for the man walking on the street!.. and it appears, critics and audiences have fallen in love with what he had to offer..

Not falling into the disasterous pit of masala film making, Nasar's "Devadhai" presents a theme of love being reborn and surviving hundreds of years, with newcomer Keerthi Reddy,Vineeth, K.P.Mohan, "Thalaivaasal" Vijay and Nasar leading the cast.. Boasting of excellent art work and graphics by Trotsky Marudhu and heart thumping, rejoicing background score by Ilaiyaraja, Nasar seems to be happy and proud with his latest offering to Chennai and to the world!..

Dharma Chakkaram.. Another K.S.Ravikumar arachcha maavu entry among the Pongal releases this year!.. It appears to have fared pretty well.. despite tough competition from credible films like "Minsaara Kanavu" and "Bharathi Kannamma".. Above all, most KSR films are low-budget.. adhanaal avalav-aaga kai-yai kadikkaadhu!.. Vijaykanth, Rambha, northie newcomer Deepthi Bhatnagar, Manivannan, Senthil and Jyothilakshmi starred.. while Deva composed music!.. Without a doubt, KSR has mastered low budget masala film-making in Kodambakkam.. and seems to succeed everytime!..

Dhinamum Ennai Gavani.. One of Ibrahim Rauthar's (Vijaykanth's dosth and manager) four ventures scheduled for production and release this year.. Ramki, Sangavi, Prakashraj, Jeeva all star.. directed by A.R.Ramesh!.. The soundtrack by Sirpi was released.. In one line, (since the film does not deserve more!), Prakashraj's solid acting skills could not save DEG's disasterous ending at the box office..

Dhinam-dhorum.. Another Murali film gets the spotlights.. more so after "Kaalamellaam Kaadhal Vaazhga" seems to have been received well in Chennai.. Murali stars with Suvalakshmi, Manivannan, Kitti, R.P.Vishwam and others.. Direction by newcomer Nagaraj and music by Oviyan.. This film went into production sometime in Late Jan-Early Feb '97.


Ganga Gowri.. Ganga Gowri Productions, which produced such big hits like "Ullaththai Allithaa" and "Mettukkudi".. fell to an all time low with "Kaaththirundha Kaadhal" this Pongal!.. But never mind.. they still haven't lost hope in Arunkumar!.. He stars in "Ganga Gowri," (the title indicates a double heroine story.. correct-aa?).. Sangita, Manthra, Vadivelu and "Dindukkal" Leoni co-star, while Sirpi composes music and newcomer Madeshwaran directs the film (previously an associate to Directors Aabavannan and Manobala)..

Getti Maellam.. This appears to be yet another film directed by Nambhiraj ("Chandralekha," "Nila").. He also stars as the hero, with Kushboo playing his pair.. Manivannan, Senthil, R.Sundararajan, Pandu, and new face Siyara co-star.. Music by Deva and Cinematography by Kichchas..

Gopura Deepam.. One of the 'semma adi vaangina' padangal of 1997!..Majorly due to the casting of Sukanya as Ramarajan's pair.. To say people didn't like the combination.. is to put it rather mildly!.. It was the RamaR's same old arachcha maavu film.. Incidentally, Ashok Samraj, the producer ("Priyam") gave a statement where he claimed RamaR was a'minimum guarantee' artist.. and that he would definitely make money out of GD!.. Suki was unhappy about the reference made about a politician in the film.. (manas-ai uruththal about Kannappan?).. All in all, the movie was indeed a "Disaster" for all involved.. especially RamaR!..

Guru Paarvai.. In what appears to be a Director Bharathiraja production under the Guru Films International banner, Manoj Kumar, who has only pathetic films to his name so far, re-enters the tamil field.. With a strong star cast including Prakashraj, Kushboo, Manivannan, Vadivelu, Indhu and 'Thalaivaasal' Vijay.. and music by Deva.. Manoj Kumar has returned to set the records straight and actually have one film do well in the box office.. Hopefully, no more "Vandicholai Chinraasu," types again!..


Independence Day.. Despite "Dhinamum Ennai Gavani"'s dismal performance at the box office.. Director A.R.Ramesh still seems to be in demand.. Besides directing "Ini Ellaam Sugame," Ramesh is also working on "Independence Day," starring Saikumar, Roja, Arunpandian and Ranjitha.. Anandaraj, Chandrasekar and Vinaya Prasad ("Thaaikulame Thaaikulame") co-star.. Music by Deva, Story, Screenplay and Dialogues by E.Ramdass and S.S.David.. The film is produced by Madhusudhana Reddy..

Indian Express.. AHAA!.. Yet another attempt by RKS to get fried by the censors.. Kai-ai suttukka aasai.. oh well!. The film is based on real incidents about "rocket aavana oozhal" in Trivandram!.. Saratkumar stars as an 'ulavu thurai' officer, while Kushboo plays an "I.A.S. officer." Roja, Anupam Kher, Manivannan, Mansoor Alikhan, Senthil co-star.. RKS claims that the actual scenes have been picturized more like they were from one's imagination, than reflecting the actual events (as he had done in "Kuttra Paththirigai," which has been banned forever!).. Yuvan Shankar Raja composes music for the film!..

Ini Ellam Sugame.. Abbas kaattil balaththa mazhai, to say the least!..He seems to have stirred up Kodambakkam quite a bit.. as producer A.L.Azhagappan signs him for yet another venture!.. Sangavi, Laksi ("Kaadhal Gramam" being her debut film), R.Sundararajan, Jayaganesh star.. Music by Sirpi and direction by A.R.Ramesh (who currently directs"Dhinamum Ennai Gavani" as well)..

Irattai Jadai Vayasu.. Surely, we all remember the winding story of "Ayudha Poojai" from one flashback to another!.. Well, welcome back the director of that film, C.Sivakumar!.. He directs his second venture under K.Bhagyaraj's "Bhagyam Cine Arts" banner, with Ajeethkumar, Manthra("Priyam") and Goundamani!.. Music by Deva in all probability.. The highlight of this film, so far, has been the poojai, where Goundar got an "aall neella" maalai, while Ajeeth stood with a comparatively small maalai!.. Wonder what Ajeeth was thinking?..

Iruvar.. One of the most disappointing, if not, the MOST disappointing performance by an anxiously awaited film at the box office.. Director Maniratnam's "Iruvar," which was released under the newly created "Madras Talkies" production banner majorly mann-ai kavvu-fied this year.. In a major fight with the censors, with actor Saratkumar and several other artists, Maniratnam not only made a commercially unsuccessful film, but also ruined his reputation in the process..

Critics attacked the film with their piercing words, especially Suhasini's dialogues for the film.. Yet, excellent camera work by Santosh Sivan supported efficiently by A.R.Rahman's songs and re-recording were the lifeline for the film.. Unfortunately, all this could not save it from its fate!.. Mohanlal, Aishwarya Rai, Prakash Raj, Revathi, Tabu, Gouthami, Rajesh, Nasar were part of the sometimes wasted star studded cast.. Better luck next time, Mani!..

Iththanai Naal Yengirundhaai?.. The much awaited return of R.C.Sakthi finally happens.. After giving us such great films like "Manakkanakku" and "Sirai".. R.C.Sakthi, after a break of almost 3 years returns to the silver screen, directing "Iththanai Naal Yengirundhaai" starring Babu Ganesh, Kushboo, and T.P.Gajendran!.. M.P.Saravanan produces, while Deva composes music for his film R.C.S film!..

Janakiraman.. The most interesting film of the year: there are elements of KAADHAL and KOBAM/SHANDAI involved for the stars acting in the film!..First, the modhal between Ramba and Nagma.. Both deny any such thing.. but Nagma still grumbles and complains about it indirectly!.. After all, Ramba tamil industry-il Nagma-vin market-ai thooki yeduththu sappittu kondirukkiraar!.. The other big news is the KAADHAL that malarndhufied between Saratkumar and Nagma (either on the sets of "Janakiraman" or "Aravindhan").. Bayangara eeshal going on.. guess, it only helps Sundhar C., who directs his sixth venture(after"Arunaachalam").. Sundhar's aas(aththal)thaana crew: Dialogues by Selva Bharathi, Lyrics by PazhaniBharathi and Music by Sirpi, are in the film as well!.. One can easily expect this film on or before Deepavali 1997!..

Jeans.. The man who scored a hit hatrick with "Gentleman," "Kaadhalan,"and "Indhiyan" has got the attention of Hollywood (known to us as "AshokAmritharaj!").. With long schedules of shooting set in Hollywood and London.. Director Shankar is in for "SHOWTIME" with Prasanth and former 'ulaga azhagi' Aishwarya Rai ("Iruvar") leading the cast!..

What could be better than this: Dialogues by Balakumaran ("Gentleman," and assisted in "Indhiyan"), Cinematography by Santhosh Sivan ("Roja," "Indhira,""Siraichchaalai", "Iruvar"), Music by A.R.Rahman who has composed for Shankar's past three films!.. Dance by Saroj Khan and Raju Sundharam (in all great probability), and money ulla producers Ashok Amritharaj and Walter Soloman!.. The film will most likely release sometime between Deepavali '97 and Pongal '98.. but never ON THE DAY of an Indian festival!!.. Maybe some kind of Shankar-ish superstition?!..

Jolly (or rather "Jaali").. R.B.Choudhri's Super Good Films' new production with newcomer Rakneesh Omar composing music!.. Omar, his name recently changed to Shiva, released an tamil music album titled "Kalakkal".. and also composes music for RBC's "Love Today".. The last important news about the film was that Vignesh (also a part of "Jollu") was starring in it!.. Now, Abbas has replaced Vignesh.. No word on the heroine, director etc.!.. As always, RBC films are always low budget and hush hush.. no expectations attached!..

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