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Kodambakkam loves films titles beginning with the letters "K" "P" "S" "T"  and "U".. This year is no exception!.. The fun begins here!..

Kabadi.. Kabadi.. The latest padam scheduled for shooting by Pandiyarajan.. So far the heroine is still in the selection stage.. as Poornima Bhagyaraj produces and K.Bhagyaraj writes the story and dialogues, while Pandi himself directs the film!.. Deva composes music!

Kadavul.. One cannot doubt the jinx Director Velu Prabhakaran is under, just being R.K.Selvamani's friend.. Velu Prabhakaran's films "Asuran" and "Rajaali" have gone "Bondi".. and his other venture "Sivan" has been stalling for quite a while!.. A financier, H. Anraj is producing his first film, "Kadavul" with Arunpandian and Roja playing the lead roles... Balakumaran pens the dialogues and Pradeep Ravi composes music!.. VP still claims that "idhuvarai yaarum thodaadha, kadavul-ai paatriya vishayaththai"  indha padaththil solla pogiren!.. Padam mannai kavvaamal irundhaal seri!..

Kalyaana Sundharam.. Parthiban has been involved in almost half a dozen films since last year.. and "Kalyaana Sundharam" is most prominent for its producer!.. He was seriously trying to sign Ramba for the film.. as well as trying for Nagma at the same time!.. Surely, Kaveri ("Vaikaasai Porandhaachchu") has a role in the film.. as Parthi stars as a Kalyaana broker!.. Music by Deva!.. This project will begin soon after "Kaangeyam Kaalai".. another "K" movie by Parthi!..

Kalyaana Vaibhogam.. Director N.Ratnam's new film starring Ramki,Kushboo, Sangita, Vadivelu, R.Sundararajan, V.K.Ramaswami, Senthil, Jyothimeena and others.. Ramki stars as a writer and Sangita as his avid fan.. with music by Deva and dance chereography by Brinda (who starred as Nagesh's daughter in "Nammavar")..

Kanngalin Vaarththaigal.. A film directed by Muktha Sundhar and produced under the Muktha Films banner by Muktha V.Srinivasan, after a long hiatus.. The film stars Vikram ("Ullaasam"), Sriram(new), Prema and Jeeva("Dhinamum Ennai Gavani"), along with Manivannan, R.Sundararajan and others.. Crazy Mohan writes the dialogues as Ilaiyaraja composes music..

Kannaalane.. Arunkumar and Payal (a new northie) star in this film directed by Bala Soundar and music by Ilaiyaraja.. Obviously, a very hush hush project except that the heroine's first film in telegu was a slam bang success!.. Another kavarchi pettagam in the making?.. Who knows?!..

Kannuppada Povudhu.. Ramarajan, who has permanently tent-u kattu-fied in the village, has decided to stay there with yet another project "Kannuppada Pogudhu" under newcomer director Varathkumar.. Suvalakshmi ("Gokulaththil Seethai"), Manivannan, Janakaraj and new face Rajshri co-star.. Music by Ilaiyaraja, as shooting for this film takes place in Madurai, Naagarkoil and Dhindukkal..

Kaadhal Graamam.. First in the line of many "Kaadhal" movie titles for this year.. T.K.Bose, who last wrote dialogues for Karthik's dismal "Kattapanjaayaththu" last year.. is directing KG with newcomers Bismi and Laksi leading the cast!.. The biggest redeeming factor for KG is Ilaiyaraja's music.. and of course, Laksi extreme open-mindedness about 'kavarchi'..

Kaadhal Rojave.. Yet another K.R. film.. but without the star power of his previous films.. Newcomers Vishnu (Actress Sheela's son) and Pooja Kumar (America-vaasi) star in this Oscar Movies National production!.. Saratbabu, Charlie, S.S.Chandran star.. as Ilaiyaraja composes music for yet another "Kaadhal" movie..

Kaadhal Mannan..'Mess' Vishwanathan.. or as we know him, M.S.Vishwanathan takes up his first full length role in this film, with story and dialogues by former K.Balachandar assistant Charan!.. The film stars Ajeethkumar, Assam azhagi Maanu and others!.. Venkateswar-aalayam produces the film!..

Kaadhal Palli.. Even though their first film together "Vaani Mahal" hasn't been released.. Vignesh and Suvalakshmi have been signed to star together again in this new venture by Director Pavithran.. Dr.N.R.Dhanapalan produces the film!..

Kaadhalar Poonga.. a film with V.C.Guhanathan making a return to direction after a short stint writing dialogues for the box office winner "Minsaara Kanavu".. Victory Movies which produced films like "Thanikaattu Raaja" and "Vasantha Maaligai" has taken up production.. as Arunpandian, Roja, Mansoor Alikhan, Radha Ravi, Manorama, Janakaraj + a new Bombay azhagi star.. Sirpi composes music, while story, screenplay, dialogues and direction are by V.C.Guhanathan..

Kaadhale Nimmadhi.. If you are not TOO TIRED of "KAADHAL" yet, the producer of "Kaadhal Kottai," and "Kaalamellaam Kaadhal Vaazhga," which slam banged the box office in '96-'97, has arrived with a new quota of   "Kaadhals" in "Kaadhale Nimmadhi." After listening to almost 150 stories by various people, 'Sivashakthi Movie Makers' Pandian selected one story written by Rajan.. Rajan has changed his name to "Indhiran" to direct the film.. Surya (Actor Sivakumar's son who debuts in Vasanth's "Nerukku Nerr") plays the lead role, as the heroine search continues.. Manivannan, Nasar, Pandu, Vivek, Geetha, 'Thalaivaasal' Vijay and Vadivukarasi co-star.. Deva composes music as Thangar Bachaan is in charge of the cinematography..

Kaadhali.. The soundtrack for this film produced by Dharamchand Lungat was released recently.. It boasts of famous names like A.L.Ragavan, T.K.Kala and Sashirekha, as well as the recent singers like Mano, Anuradha Sriram and Unnikrishnan singing in the album..

The film is directed by a newcomer Chiththu.. and stars Vignesh, Devayani, Divya(new), Vadivelu, Jayachitra, R.Sundararajan and Chinni Jayanth.. Music by Deva (as always).. This film should release in July or August 1997..

Kaalamellam Kaadhal Vaazhga.. A wonderful result to a jagadaa that occurred between newcomer Balu and director Agathiyan ("Kaadhal Kottai") resolved by Producer Pandian (Sivashakthi Movie Makers), was the making of KKV!.. Balu claimed that Agathiyan stole his story for "Kaadhal Kottai" from his half picturized/dumped project "Un Ninaivaaga".. Meanwhile, Pandian smoothened out things by giving Balu a chance to direct "Kaalamellaam Kaadhal Vaazhga".. with Murali and bright new face Kausalya..

A twist to "Kaadhal Kottai," only the heroine in this film has the opportunity to see the hero.. and the story goes from there!.. The film has left a strong impression in Chennai.. that Kausalya has been signed to star in Maniratnam's production, under the direction of Vasanth in "Nerukku Nerr".. As always, Murali never disappoints, as the film runs fast towards the 150 day mark!..

Kaalamellaam Kaathiruppen.. Paavam R.Sundhararajan.. he still doesn't want to leave his direction behind and take up acting full-fledged!.. Definitely better than his attempt in "Seedhanam,".. R.Sundhararajan's new film with Vijay, newcomer Dimple and Karan did not do justice at the box office!.. More accurately, the film flew past theatres and past audiences without leaving any vivid memories behind!.. Surely, M.G. Pictures, who previously produced dismal pictures like "Seeman" and the not-so-popular "Siva Shakthi" are comparatively proud of KK!.. Those "Poove Unakkaaga" days for Vijay seem to be gone far far away!..

Kaallaiyyan.. After a major shandai between Director K.S.Ravikumar and Ramarajan over RamaR's devotion towards "Amma".. "Kaallaiyan" appears to have finally materialized for both of them!.. They worked out their differences.. and RamaR romba perumai pattu kollkiraar!.. Interestingly, K.S.R. has signed to begin Pyramid Natarajan's  "Pistha" recently.. Wonder if "Kaallaiyyan" will begin at all?!..

Kaangeyam Kaallai.. Rejuvenated by the slam bang kondattam of "Bharathi Kannamma" at the box office (considering its success despite the tragic ending!.. ippo no-no trend aache!).. Parthiban began his latest venture with Ravali ("Thiru Moorthy"), Anju Arvind ("Poove Unakkaaga"), Manivannan, Anandharaj and Nagesh!.. Ilaiyaraja re-enters composing music for a Parthi film!.. Been quite a while since this happenned!..

Kaathirundha Kaadhal.. As Cinema Express had reviewed the film, "Ganga Gowri Productions" which had such great hits like "Ullaththai Allithaa" and "Meetukkudi".. has decided to make this film their "dhristi parigaaram" A magazine like CE which NEVER EVER criticizes a film under any circumstance to review "Kaathirundha Kaadhal" in this fashion.. should really indicate how paavam newcomer director Vijeshwaran should be feeling right now!.. Arunkumar ("Priyam") Suvalakshmi ("Aasai," "Gokulaththil Seethai") and Dimple ("Kaalamellam Kaathiruppen") along with music director Sirpi, all felt the pinch, when the film collapsed at the box office!..

Koteeshwaran.. Supposed to be a film in the works, which will begin soon after K.T.K. releases "Rakshakan".. A film produced by K.T.Kunjumon which will introduce his son Ebi as a hero to the world.. Nagma's last sister Jothika and Kajol sister (name unknown!) are expected to join the cast!.. The film was announced in early 1996, moochch since then!..

Koottaali.. The trouble-making film award of the year so far goes to John Amritharaj's "Koottaali".. Karthik happens to be the only stable aspect of the film.. as heroines get signed and tossed every few days!.. Eeshwari Rao who debuts in Balu Mahendra's "Raman Abdhulla" was signed and for some unforesaken (unknown) reason, she was dumped!.. In came the rumour that Rajshri ("Karuththamma") was signed and some promotion that Heera would best suit the kavarchi role in the film!.. Meanwhile, another heroine by the name of Divya has been added to the cast.. To confuse us more, Karthik had commented that this film dealt with some important issues with 'children' being the central focus (a story with a capacity to catch people's attention).. Indha children's focus padaththukkum 'kavarchi'-kkum yenna sammandham?!.. Hmmm! Word now that Heera is in the film and the story has been changed all together..

Love Today.. Obviously, Vijay-ai avalavu easy-aaga vittuda maattaar R.B.Choudhri!.. After all, "Poove Unakkaaga" was such a humungous hit.. that producers and directors in Kodambakkam rejuvenated their hopes in low budget flicks!.. This latest Super Good Films' offering starred Vijay, Suvalakshmi (whose market has picked up quite a bit since the great success of "Gokulaththil Seethai"), Karan (has become tremendously popular after his roles in "Kaadhal Kottai" and as I.C.Mohan in "Gokulaththil Seethai), and Manthra ("Priyam")..

Music by Shivas... and Direction by Balasekar!.. Indeed, "Love Today" has been special for RBC at the box office and Vijay has once again become the talk of the town!.. Padam bayangara hit to say the least!..

Manasukkul Varalaama?.. This title was initially picked by Vasanth for his film starring Ajeethkumar.. But yennaacho, everything went ulltaa, and newcomer Gautham directs this film, starring Abbas, Ravali ("Thiru Moorthy"), Sriman, Indhu ("Kaadhal Kottai"), Sathyapriya and others.. Deva composes music for this flick, which dwells primarily on love and muththa kaatchigal between Abbas and Ravali..

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