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Pistha.. Vetri Masala pada iyakkunar K.S.Ravikumar's another directorial effort this year, which did excellent business at the box office as well as kollai kollu-fied comedy film audiences..

The second half of the film was a tremendous laugh riot; thanks to Manivannan, Karthik and a paambu named Rambha.. S.A.Rajkumar's music was passable, while Kennedy's comic dialogues was a sure-hit sirippu vedi!.. Brain-ai kazhatti vaiththu-vittu paarththaal.. fun movie!..

Porkkaalam.. Roja Combines's Kaja Moidheen who had previously produced the highly successful "Gopala Gopala," has now ventured to produce this village background film by Director Cheran ("Bharathi Kannamma").. The film stars Murali, Sangavi ("Mannavaa") and Meena.. Music by Ilaiyaraja.. Cheran, who reached new heights with his first film, is expected to provide the same kind of quality entertainment and story in this new film..

Ponn Villaiyira Bhoomi..Rajkiran is counting on the success of this film.. considering neither "Maannikkam" last year or "Paasamulla Paandiyare" this year, had enough commercial sarakku to do well at the box office.. PVB which co-stars Kusbhoo and Latha (actress of yester years) will have music by Deva (indeed a nerve-racking experience for a Ilaiyaraja bhakthan like Rajkiran).. PVB has been in production for over a year, yet no word on its progress at all!

Poochchuda-vaa.. M.G.Pictures' ("Seeman," "Siva Shakthi") has dived into producing several films including this Abbas-Simran flick, with music, in all probability by Deva.. Very sketchy info about the supporting cast, director etc. etc.

Poomaname Vaa.. "Nalini Cine Arts," a banner by producer and wife Nalini Ramarajan takes over production activities of Ramarajan's next film titled "Poomaname Vaa".. This film holds many honors for RamaR including this being his 40th film and 11th film directing.. Sangita, Chandrasekar, Manorama, Manivannan, Periyaardasan, Santhana Bharathi, and Kavitha star.. Music by Sirpi for what appears to be another RamaR's trademark village arachcha maavu!..

Poonththottam.. Roja Combines' Kaaja Moidheen's other production with "Poomani" director Mu. Kalangiyam at the reins.. starring Murali and Devayani.. Ilaiyaraja composes music.. Only bits and pieces of info available usually on these type of low budget flicks..

Pudhu Kudiththanam.. Director Raghuvasan ("Thilakam") will direct this low budget offering starring Vignesh, Manthra, Manivannan, Senthil, Kumari Muththu, Venniraadai Murthy and others.. Deva composes music.. This film might turn out to be good for both Vignesh's and Manthra's careers, since both have started to act in almost half a dozen films now..

Pudhayal.. Indeed, Arvind Swamy was dressed best to act in a "Dick Tracy" film than in this Selva flick, which did reasonably well at the box office this year.. With AS mocking every actor in sight and Mammooty standing around doing nothing, "Pudhayal" was mostly on the dull side.. with Arvind Swamy lightening things up when he appeared on screen..

Aamni and Sakshi played their 'kavarchi' doll roles well, as Vidyasagar's "Pooththirukkum Maname" and "Theem thakku thakku theem" were somewhat well received.. Not your usual Arvind Swamy.. that's for sure!..

Puli Pirandha Mann.. Nothing much has to be said about this film except that Napolean has been starring in it for quite a while!.. After tossing poor Aboorva, because she looked more like his sister than his pair.. Napolean was more approving of Roshni ("Shishya").. Deva composes music for this venture, where all else seems unimportant to mention..


Rakshakan.. There are only a few guys who spend more than K.T.Kunjumon for films today.. Most of those others are people like Ashok Amritharaj, A.M.Ratnam and A.V.M.Productions.. While others make one movie a year with such big budgets.. KTK never fails to give at least two such films this year.. Besides "Sakthi," which relatively bombed at the box office, KTK's "Rakshakan" is anxiously awaited by audiences and by KTK himself. The film stars Nagaarjuna, Sushmitha Sen, S.P.Balasubrahmanyam, Raghuvaran, Girish Karnad, Vadivelu, Kavitha, Sukumari, Vinodhini and ten villains..

Dialogues are written by Crazy Mohan, Camera by Ajayan Vincent, Editing by Lenin-Vijayan, Dance by Raju Sundaram, Farah Khan, and 'Cool' Jayanth, Stunts by Vikram Dharma, Art by 'Thotta' Tharani and Music by A.R.Rahman.. Indeed, KTK is proud to state that his "Rakshakan" will be the most costliest movie ever to be taken in Indian Film Industry.. Besides being dubbed in Telegu and Hindi, Rakshakan will also be the first film to be dubbed and released in English.. This Cinemascope film has been recorded in D.T.S. sound and is scheduled to arrive in theaters July 31st..

Raagini, Rohini, Subramani.. Even while he acts as though he were considering retirement from acting in films.. Bhagyaraj-ukku aasai konjam kooda pogavillai.. After finishing up his directing "Vettiya Madichchu Kattu" and writing the story and screenplay for shishya Pandiyarajan for "Kabadi, Kabadi".. K.Bhagyaraj's next venture is titled "Raagini Rohini Subramani," with him producing, directing and acting as hero.. His wife Poornima will produce the film under the Saranya Cine Combines banner..

Raaja Magal.. Maybe we should resort to addressing Director Gurudhanapal as the man who has nothing else to do but put films in production, including this film starring Jayaram, Sruthi ("Kalki), Goundamani, Manivannan, Prakashraj and Geetha.. Music by Sirpi.. RM was supposed to release for Tamil New Year's Day 1997 this year.. It's August, and still no word about this film!..

Raaman Abdhulla.. Supposedly, the film and director blamed for starting the film strike this year.. Whatever the reason maybe, "Raaman Abdhulla," a remake of the Malayalam film, presumably "His Highness Abdhulla," has taken a lot longer than expected to show up in theaters.. After some controversy over the title "Abdhul Raaman" raised by some Muslim groups, the name was changed.. Vignesh, debut heroine Eeshwari Rao, Karan ("Kaadhal Kottai"), Ashwini, Kitti and Balasingh star.. Ilaiyaraja's music offers some soft melodious numbers including "Pudhidhaai Ketkum," and "En Veettu Jannal".. "Ram.Abdh" should be expected at theaters sometime in August..

Raasi.. Yet another "Nesam" type movie for Ajeethkumar, where everything was wrong, except for, what critics called: "Rambha-vin kulumai-yaana kavarchi"..

Jayachitra, Prakashraj, Nagesh and Vadivelu co-starred in this film, where Director Murali-Abbas and Music Director Sirpi had too much at stake.. Neither succeeded to any extent in sustaining the audiences' interest.. Hopefully Ajeeth will try to start acting in films with more story value soon..

Roja Malare.. T.M.Jayamurugan's directorial debut film starring Murali, Arunpandian, Anandbabu, Reeva("Selva"), and others.. The fact that all these stars packed up to picturize the songs in St. Mary's Island seems to be the sole asset to this film.. The soundtrack was released recently under Adithyan's music direction..

Romance.. Panju Arunachalam's joyous project with the lead played by Abbas.. So far, no news on the heroine, as Yuvan Shankar Raja composes music for what appears to be a high class masala comedy flick, what PA arts films are usually like!..

Rukkumani.. A lot of good friends and colleagues must have really told Nambiraj that he is tremendously "HANDSOME".. Whether people agree or not, he has decided to act in this film with heroine Sri Kanya.. Luckily, Director and Actor Nambiraj has a solid supporting cast in Manivannan, Vinu Chakravarthi, Visu, R.Sundararajan, Jyothilakshmi (who is supposed to play a 'sex patti'), T.P.Gajendran and Periyardasan.. Deva's soundtrack was released in March.. but the film.. only the lord knows!..

Rukkumani Kalyanam.. Adharsh Chitralaya's new production in cinemascope starring Vineeth and newcomer Preetha Vijaykumar(Vanitha and Kavitha Vijaykumar's sister and Actor Vijaykumar's daughter).. Vijaykumar, Sukumari, Baby Sridevi along with two top stars join the cast.. Music by Deva (a standard guess for low budget films), and direction by newcomer Ravi Raja Binny Shetty (who had previously directed Telegu films "Peththa Raayudu" and "Kanndi").. RK was to release in June.. another late film, that's all!..

Sakthi.. An unfortunate film for all involved, especially for the young ones: Vineeth and Yuvarani.. Vineeth was really hoping that "Sakthi" would create good opportunities to prove himself in the tamil industry, while Yuvarani prayed this film would run, so that she could continue her film career.. Neither of those scenarios occurred, as K.T.Kunjumon's "Sakthi" went belly-up at the box office.. Sivakumar, Radhika, Vadivelu and a nice looking elephant were orang-kattu-fied by newcomer music director Anand's "Achchu Vellame" song for the film.. Director Raghuraj should have packed his bags into another profession by now..

Sandhosam.. Ram Narayan's assistant Rajapandi becomes Karthik to direct his first film "Sandhosam."  Directors Agathiyan and K.S.Ravikumar lend this youngster a hand, as the "Kaadhal Kottai" director writes the story, screenplay, dialogues and songs and K.S.R. shows up in an important role.. Saravannan, Suvalakshmi, Anand Babu, 'Thalaivaasal' Vijay, R.Sundararajan and many others star.. Deva composes music..

Sathya Thaai.. Besides Ramarajan's usual quota of "Poomaname Vaa," "Kannuppada Povvudhu," and "Annan," he is also involved in a fourth film with Suvalakshmi, Manivannan and Vadivelu.. Surprising that so many people are willing to take the risk of taking so many RamaR films at one time.. Good luck to all of them as producers.. Naamam vizhaamal irundhaal seri!.. This village flick will be directed by RamaR's former assist and N. Kodhanda-Raman, as Sirpi composes music..

Shishya.. An average comedy film for Selva standards.. who seems to have succeeded a little bit more in "Pudhayal" this year.. Yet, Karthik, Manivannan, Goundar and Senthil abagarichchu-fied the screen, leaving audience amused for the most part.. Nagma's sister Roshni made her debut, as Deva was only passable in his music scores for the film!..

Siragugal Murivadhillai.. Director Bharathiraja's second venture for this year, starring Napolean in the lead.. First, Heera had her eye on the heroine role and soon afterwards, she was tossed for northie Simran.. Interestingly, Simran has not mentioned "Sira.Muri" as a film that she currently stars in.. So, maybe ivar-aiyum galthaa koduththu vittaargal pola irukkiradhu.. In a somewhat grand poojai held in November 1996, the work for "Siragugal Murivadhillai" officially began.. Prakashraj, Rajshri, Heera(paavam!), Producer P.G.Srikanth (who previously produced "Seevalaperi Pandi," and "Udhavum Karangal."), Napolean, Director Bharathiraja, Aastana story writer for BR: R.Selvaraj, Radhika and Music Director Anand ("Shakthi") all attended to add to the glamour of the occasion..

Smile Please.. After a terrible stunt accident which nearly took his life, "En Uyir Thozhan" Babu is back serving as dialogue writer for his friend, newcomer director Radha Mohan's new film "Smile Please." Prakash Raj, a northie heroine, Manivannan, Renuka and many others are expected to join the cast.. This film is produced by M.S.V.Murali and music is by Vidyasagar..

Sundarapandian.. Without a doubt, this has been Karthik's year: with great success in "Shishya" and "Pistha," Karthik awaits another new film that he stars with Heera and Swathi titled "Sundarapandian," where he plays two men: Sundharam and Pandian.. As always, Manivannan, the smiling side kick is also present alongside Bharathi, Kanthimathi, Malaysia Vasudevan and Kumari muthu.. Music by Deva and direction by R.Ragu ("Kattapanjaayaththu")..

Surya Vamsam.. Vikraman-ukku adichchadha-da yogam.. With the extremely successful "Poove Unakkaaga" in 1996, Vikraman returned again with the R.B.Choudhri "Super Good Films" Banner, only to succeed again.. The film released to packed crowds in Chennai in July and has held its lead amongst tight competition from Vijay's and Prabhudeva's films today.. 

Saratkumar in a double role, with appropriate support from Radhika, Priya Raman, Devayani, Manivannan and R.Sundararajan, make this film look and feel at least a bit different from RBC's other KSR production "Naattaamai".. Music by S.A.Rajkumar and Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction by Vikraman..

Swarnamukhi.. Muthu Movies' latest production "Swarnamukhi" is currently receiving press time at Anandha Vikatan magazine, as Director K.S.Adhiyaman writes its story as a 'thodar kadhai'.. Adhiyaman had disappeared from the tamil field for over a year, after a disheartening experience convincing heroes to star in a heroine oriented film like "Swarnamukhi".. After a stint in Hindi films, Adhiyman has returned to do a better, more commercially convincing film than his first "Thotta Shinungi".. Prakashraj, Devayani, Fathima Babu, Manivannan star, while Swararaj("Murai Maappillai") composes music..


Thambi-kku Thaai Manasu.. If you haven't had your fill of 'Gramarajan' Ramarajan films yet, here's another one!.. Sangavi, Manivannan, Nizhalgal Ravi, Karan, Vaishnavi, Senthil, Vadivukarasi, Prithviraj and Omacuchchi Narasimhan star.. Music by Deva and Direction by Dheenadhayalan..

Thaali Pudhusu.. One of those highly senti- women-oriented films that Director K.R. tried his hand at, and bombed!.. With the 'thaali' sentiment and kodams of tears shed by Kushboo, the film has no assets whatsoever.. The boring comedy of Senthil and Co. and the passable music by Raj (of Raj-Koti) practically drove the film to the pits.. Suresh, Ramki, Manivannan and others starred, while Director K.R. covered his head at the dismal performance of the film at the box office.. Definitely, "Thaali" sentiment films are out of fashion in the 90's.. K.R. learned that the hard way this year!..

Thaayin Manikodi.. The film that most Arjun fans are looking forward to.. considering it has been over three years since his last directorial venture, "Jai Hindh" in 1994.. After some disagreement between Telegu Adhiradi Raani Vijayashanthi and the producer over the 'rights' of the film, Vijayashanthi opted out of the film and Tabu replaced her..

But Arjun claims that Vijayashanthi's role was never designed to be the adhiradi kind.. Instead, the role is now being done by Bangalore model Nivedhitha, whome Arjun feels has done an adequate job.. The nature of Tabu's role is still kept secret for some reason.. With a reputation that he never releases films on time, Arjun is really hoping that he could change that belief by releasing "Tha.Mani" on time.. Vidyasagar composes music..

Thedinen Vandhadhu.. With dialogues by Crazy Mohan and Direction by Ravi Verma, "Thedinen Vandhadhu" currently has all the signs of a good comedy written on it!.. Prabhu, Manthra, Goundamani, Venniraadai Moorthy, Anuradha (remeber the kavarchi dancer from a few years back!), Amritha and Prathap Pothen in a special role.. So far, the highlight for this film has been Bhavatharini singing under Sirpi's music direction for the first time in "Alps malai kaattru vandhu nenjil veesudhe" with Hariharan.. This film should hit theaters soon..

Thenaali Raja.. Another Arjun film scheduled to begin shooting after the release of "Thaayin Manikodi".. M.G.Pictures will produce the film, as it currently appears Nivedhitha ("Thaayin Manikodi") will again play Arjun's pair.. Masala + Comedy Director Selva will direct.. ***Thenmaangu Paattukkaaran.. Ramarajan fans have a lot to cheer for this year.. When it rains it pours, as RamaR acts in this, another "Paattukkaran" movie under Gangai Amaran's direction.. Aamni("Pudhayal"), Goundamani, Senthil, Vinu Chakravarthi and S.N.Parvathi star.. Music by Ilaiyaraja..


Udhavikku Varalaama.. The lukewarm response to "Muthukkaalai" and the terrible audience response to "Poovarasan," has made Director Gokulakrishna take a shot now at comedy..

With Karthik in three roles, a Hindu (paired with Devayani), a Christian (paired with Anju Arvind), and a Muslim (paired with Indhu("Kaadhal Kottai"))..  Goundamani, Manivannan and Thyagu co-star as Sirpi composes music..

Ulavuththurai.. A small and big milestone reached by producing this film for Ibrahim Rauthar.. One: this will be Vijaykanth's 150th film and Two: this will be Music Director Shah's first film.. Meena will speak kongu tamil and be the mother of a girl in the film and will definitely die at the end, as newcomer Ramesh Selvan directs..

Ullaasam.. A disasterous film for Amitabh Bachchan and his production company ABCL.. With plenty of creative minds like Balakumaran, Raju Sundaram, Jeeva, Lenin-Vijayan, and music director Karthik Raja working on the film, Amitabh wasted his time and money on two new directors J.D. and Jerry (who had served as T.V.serial directors before!).. The film had problems in all arenas and most of all, had major downfalls at the box office, even though, the heroine Maheshwari still claims that "Ullaasam" continues to do excellent box office business because of youngsters..

The film starred Ajeethkumar (who has had three flops in a row this year.. two of those: Thanks to Maheshwari and storyless films!), Maheshwari, Vikram, S.P.Balasubramaniam, Raguvaran, Devan and Bala Singh starred, as Karthik Raja composed music.. Even Jeeva's cinematography which enthralled film goers in "Gentleman," "Kaadhalan," "Indhiyan," and "Aasai," seems to bring NO life to this amateurish and boring attempt by J.D. and Jerry..

Unakkum Enakkum Kalyaanam.. Ibrahim Rauthar had decided to produce four strong films this year: out of which, "Dhinamum Ennai Gavani" has already lost its "gavanippu" at the box office.. "Unakkum Ennakkum Kalyanam" is another film, which stars Livingston (his second film after the humungous success of "Sundhara Purushan,") and Devayani.. Sirpi will compose music, while newcomer Parasarathy will direct.. A grand poojai was held in November 1996 for this film and was well attended as Chennai Mayor Mu.ka.Stalin, Actors Abbas, Livingston, Actresses, Devayani, Sangavi and Jeeva attended..

Unnai Vida Maatten.. This Abbas-Rambha-Sathyaraj film appears to be a re-make of last year's Hindi mega hit "Agni Sakshi".. Except for the fact that M.G.Pictures, which is also producing "Poochchudavaa" with Abbas, produces this film as well, no information is available on the film's music director, director etc. etc.. Surprisingly quiet for such a big star cast!..

Unnidaththail Ennai Koduththen.. Lakshmi Movie Makers, who had an incredible 1996, with the unbelievable success of "Gokulaththil Seethai" have begun their 6th production with director Vikraman titled "Unnidaththil Ennai Koduththen" starring Vijay in the lead role.. The film's poojai occurred in February 1997, yet no word on when shooting will begin.. Since "Poove Unakkaaga" and "Surya Vamsam" have earned considerable praise for Vikraman, the expectations have risen to new levels again..


Vaaimaiye Vellum.. This was indeed P.Vasu's license to re-enter the tamil cine field this year.. After a terrible contribution on this part in the last two years, Director P.Vasu straightened out his priorities and gave a somewhat convincing "Vaaimaiye Vellum" in the beginning of 1997.. Parthiban, Rakshana, Goundamani, Manivannan and Rajan P.Dev starred as Deva composed music.. Critics mostly praised the film for its honest attempt to tell an interesting story..

Vallal.. It was incredible to see a film of Vallal's caliber this year from a director who had previously made only dumb films like "Thaalaattu Ketkkudhamma," "Chinna Jameen," and "Seemaan." "Vallal" was a welcome change even for Sathyaraj, who was getting terribly tired from doing the usual masala roles.. Meena, Roja, Sangita, Goundamani, Senthil and Manivannan highlighted the cast with good acting and great comedy.. No wonder the film did well!..

Vaakkapatta Bhoomi.. K.B.Films' new venture, alongside "Janakiraman," which stars Saratkumar.. As the film has not begun shooting yet, the heroine, supporting actors and music directior have yet to be decided.. Bharathiraja directs as the poojai function were held as early as October 1996, with Story writer R.Selvaraj, Director Bharathiraja, Actors Sathyaraj and Saratkumar honored the function with their presence..

Veerath-thaalaattu.. Director Kasthuri Raja's ("Naattupura Paattu") mahaa neezhla padaippu.. that has been stretching for over 1 1/2 years.. Murali, Lakshmi, Radhika, Napolean, Kushboo and Manivannan were supposed to star in this way overdue film with music by Ilaiyaraja.. Only Murali seems anxious and excited about this film in his interviews..

Veetile Raamayanam.. Variety Movies' new project with Napolean playing the hero.. In the recent poojai, Directors K.R. and S.P.Muthuraman, Heroines Ranjitha and Kushboo, K.R.G. and many others attended the function.. The film appears to be directed by S.P.Muthuraman.. Yet, no confirmed word on that!..

Vettiya Madichchu Kattu.. Amazing that K.Bhagyaraj is still directing films after pathetic creations like "Gnaanapazham."  His new production "V.M.K." under the Saranya Cine Combines banner, co-stars Nagma, Saikumar(new), Bhagyaraj's son Shantanu, Shakthi Prakash and others.. Thotta Tharani, the art director, recently built a huge set for a dance sequence in the playgrounds of Shishya school in Adayar, Chennai.. Deva composes music, as N.Pazhani Sami co-produces the film.. Kadavule kaappaaththu time for Bhagyaraj.. If VMK hits the pits, potti-yai katta vendiyadhu dhaan..

V.I.P.. One of the few films this year, besides "Pistha," which has gotten away with no story value and still continues to do excellent box office business in India.. Of course, the good reviews from popular magazines helps the film considerably.. 'Kalaipuli' S.Thanu's ("Kizhakku Cheemaiyile"), new production stars Prabhudeva, Abbas, Simran, Rambha,Manivannan, Anupam Kher and Fathima Babu..

Wilson's excellent camera work, alongside new music director Ranjeeth Barot's inspired music score add a lot of life to this entertaining masala.. "Sundhara Purushan," S.D.Sabhapadhy goes back to the worry-free story formula for this film, which is currently doing well in Chennai and suttrupurangal..

Vidukadhai.. The film probably most affected by the cine strike this year.. Scheduled for a quick release in June, Director Agathiyan's "Vidukadhai" is produced by Kavithalaya (aka K.Balachandar!).. Prakash Raj, newcomer Neena(she was the kutti Anju in "Keladi Kanmani," now a beautiful maiden), Janakaraj, Manivannan, and others.. As the strike approached, Vidukadhai's scheduled release date could not be met!.. Poor Agathiyan will probably have to wait until August 1997 to complete and release the film.. Deva composes music, as "Vidukadhai" explores the story of a middle-aged man sufferring from a sexual urge after seeing a very young woman..

Vivasaayi Magan.. If only Ramarajan would learn that we are approching the year 2000 and not take films that were popular in 1980!.. But RamaR never seems to learn and continued to take films like "Vivasaayi Magan," which majorly balti-adichchuf-ied at all centers, leaving him feeling bad for himself.. Devayani, Jayashree("Thenrale Ennai Thodu"), Rajeev and Vadivelu joined the cast, as Sirpi composed music.. The major factor that turned most audiences away was indeed the title.. RamaR avargale, idha title thevai dhaana?!..

Wanted.. Venkat Prabhu must have gotten impatient and tired waiting for his first film "Poonjolai" to release.. He has begun to star in "Wanted" with S.P.Balasubramaniam's son Charan(also a newcomer).. Yuvan Shankar Raja, who composed for his first film "Aravindhan," will compose music, as Gangai Amaran's oldest son, Premji will direct.. Gangai Amaran produces the film and stars alongside S.P.B in a comedy role..

Yettuppatti Raasa.. Pyramid's L.Natarajan's mediocre offerring for this year starring Napolean, Kushboo, Oorvasi and Manivannan.. As usual, Napes hung out the entire time with a veecharuva.. while Kasthuri Raja tried hard to make a success out of this arachcha-maavu film.. Yet, the film fared moderately well enough for Pyramid Films International to bag a few bucks.. Deva composed music as Kasthuri Raja salvaged his name somehow as director..

*** There still remain a few films this year that are untitled.. A.M.Ratnam, who produced "Indhiyan" last year, is currently producing a film starring Ajeethkumar, Abbas and Rambha with direction by Sundhar C.. Yet, there is some word that maybe Prabhudeva replaced Ajeeth in this venture..

***A Tamil re-make of the Malayalam mega hit "Aniyaththirai Piraavu" starring Vijay and Shalini (remember kutti Shalini from "Bandham" and "Pillai Nila".. now she is re-enters as kadhaa-naayagi).. Fazil, who directed the Malayalam original, will direct this film, as Sangili Murugan produces..

***There are a few more films like Mansoor Alikhan's "Maayaavi," "Vettu Onnu Thundu Rendu," "Kannaathaal," Kasan Khan's "Paasam," Anandbabu films like "Cheran Chozhan Pandian," and films like "Malligai-kku Marudhani," "Chiththirai Thiruvizha," "Karuvelam Pookkal," and many more.. These films are either terribly low budget or just star villains as heroes.. with very little information available that would be worth reading about..

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