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The Tamil new year has always been celebrated with gay festivity all over TN. This time ,it was no different except that the devotional frenzy scaled far greater heights than in the past. But curiously, the hub of all this activity was not the temples but in cinema halls all over Tamil Nadu. What with evangelical posters proclaiming the 'Manitha kadavul','Vazhum deivam' etc.. and frenzied beedi smoking devoties, clad in lungies worn half exposing the striped undergarments, swarming all over the place...something was happening.

The occasion was that His Holiness Rajini maharaj had deigned to descend from his Himalayan retreats and had decided that the time was ripe for the people of Tamil nadu to receive another edition of his profound revelations. And so he gathered around him the best engineering talent in TN (for never was an successful venture produced with such an economy of effort). Enter Sundar,c. , the director. He is given the job of finding a story befitting the 'manithakadavul' and he goes only as far back as the last rajini movie. In 'Muthu' Rajini was a servant who actually turned out to be the master and this time round he is the master who actually turns out to be an orphan. Well, that would have been a give away... so enter the story of another english film and!! rajini actually the only heir to a fortune worth 3300 crores of rupees...and if he is to inherit it he has to spend 30 crores in thirty days!! And our hero goes about doing exactly that braving the villains who want to make sure that he does not inherit the money.

(still from movie - The Hindu)

Music by Deva is a big let down and the dialogues sound as though they have been lifted from a dialogue bank...nothing special( crazy mohan has done the job). The cinematographer has nothing much to write home about and the art director and director occupy sinecures. The saving grace of the film( as in all rajini movies) is rajini himself. He has the exceptional ability to convincingly portray the same utopian role of anger and love, innocence and impetuousness...and whats more...he does it with remarkable freshness time and again. The rest of the star cast consisting of the two heroins and the others are mere sidekicks.

So ,this is the movie that was supposed to be the policy statement of Rajinikanth. But, for a change there are absolutely no dialogues with political connotations. Don't be dissappointed ,for this is a comprehensive scripture containing the do's and don't's of this temporal life ...complete with the semi-metaphysical catch-phrase 'Aandavan solran...Arunachalam seiran'.