Rajini to retire from movies...


Rajini bids Adieu..Chennai, April 1, 98.

In what came as a shock to the state of Tamil Nadu, Super Star Rajinikanth announced his retirement from movies. In a brief statement issued from his Poes Garden residence, Rajini said that he had had enough with the Tamil film industry, its warring unions and the lack of creativity. Thousands flocked to his residence, only to be turned away by security. Mr. Kanth is expected to appear on SUN TV later this evening to explain his action. Sources close to the actor revealed that he had plans of taking up 'Sanyasam' in an undisclosed Ashram at the foothills of the Himalayas.

Meanwhile, the Tamil Film Industry is in a virtual state of shock and disbelief following Mr. Kanth's announcement. It comes in the wake of the announcement of his 150th Film. Mr. Kanth was in the process of selecting a director and a heroine for his film. Simran who had been touted to play the female lead, was visibly disappointed at not being able to star with the phenomenon. Vikraman, the director-to-be was not available for comment.

In a related incident, a student strike at a local college took an ugly turn following his announcement. Students threatened to quit studies and not appear for their board exams unless Rajinikanth took back his statement. There has been no reaction from his camp so far.

Also, the AIADMK party office was upbeat following the announcement. Mr. Kanth had been known to mount scathing attacks on the party's erstwhile supremeo Ms. J. Jayalalitha. She declined comment, but the mood was visibly one of rejoicement at the party's makeshift headquarters in Chennai.

Mr. Mu Karunanidhi and Mr. Moopanar were also unavailable at this time. Mr. Moopanar had resigned yesterday as the leader of the TMC party, and there was a rumor that Mr. Kanth would join his party and assume leadership, but nothing is apparent at this time.