Concise, yet detailed comments by you, the reviewer... You can present you thoughts on how the movie faired... Whether you recommend this movie to others... What you liked or did not like about this movie... etc... This should be the longest section of the review and it ranges anywhere between 10-12 lines.

Here is a sample:

"Shalini's performance is superb. 'Achaam', 'Madam', 'Naanam' all come to the fore in her acting.  The direction, story line and the music play an important role. You have to see it to enjoy the movie. Vijay is at his usual best. Sivakumar, Raatha Ravi and Sri Vidya also give a good performance.

Tamil Music lovers, Illayaraajah is back!!!!!!!! What a performance. Anyone who loves Illayarajah's music will certainly love this. Ennaith Thalatta Varuvaala, what a song!!! Hariharan's singing and Illaiyaraajah's music seem to be lethal. Whoever wrote the lyrics keep it up. Please listen to the lyrics as well.

I will recommend this movie to everyone and certainly to all the lovebirds out there. I hope it makes some unions possible.."