We pass this way, but ONCE .....

Contributed by Veena

Time and Tide, they say, waits for no man. How very true! Yet how often do we hear the words 'I shall do it when the time comes'.....And many a time we find the 'time' never comes.

We are forever looking at the so-called bigger things in life, consciously or unconsciously pushing the smaller and little ones into the background. By the time we realise that they have indeed taken a back seat, its late. Sometimes its too late. Too late to go back and set things right.

And it happened to me twice.

It happened the first time when I lost my Aunt to that dreaded demon, Cancer. She loved me like anything. I'd say she was a second mother to me. Now, to blow my own trumpet, my aunt just loved the delicious ladies-finger curry that I make. And she time and again asked me to make it for her in her house, so she could watch and learn. And I just wouldn't. Not that I wouldn't but I just seemed to never find time to do it. Today,tomorrow,next week. And I never did. The guilt hit me when I lost her suddenly. I couldn't come to terms with what I did. I realised the value of time but in due course forgot about it.

I realised but I never learnt. Never.

6 years now and today the same guilt has hit me a second time, only that the blow has been harder this time, leaving such an impact that I am forced to learn. This time it was my Grandpa. He again, like my aunt had a small desire. A desire of having lunch prepared by me at my place. A very small desire to be fulfilled by someone who owes her very existence to him. He told me of this little wish of his about 2 years ago, when I started earning, stressing on the fact that the expense would entirely be mine. But as I said, I never learnt the first time. It was the same story of next sunday, next saturday, next weekend, after the festival. I had n number of excuses every time I postponed this small thing which I thought could wait. But I was wrong. I lost him and he never had the much desired lunch with me.

And this time Im just not able to say the 'sorry', a silent sorry that I told my aunt and myself years ago.

Well, life goes on and I too carry on,but I shall always carry with me a guilt, the guilt of failing not once but twice. Will I ever learn? I realise I already have.

Believe me friend, when I say little things matter the most in life. Whether it is teaching someone how to prepare ladies-finger curry or having lunch with someone, it matters and it matters a lot. Think over this and if U ever wanted to say 'sorry' to someone, buy an ice cream for someone, go on a ride or simply wanted to send a card,do it today. DO IT NOW.

Do it now,
For, many a time,there's never a second time,
For there is always the chance that there's never a second chance,
For we pass this way but once.

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