Housewife on H4 Visa

Contributed by Ashwina Garg

Every year, hundreds of Indians come to the United States with a degree in Engineering and an H1 visa stamped on their passports. Most have married smart, educated women. Some of these women have given up exciting, lucrative careers to join their husbands in the United States, without any hope of getting a job on their H4 (spouse) visa.

I would like to write an article focusing on these women, and helping them with their particular problems. The article will handle issues like:

* How to cope with the occasional pangs of regret over a lost career In a society where you are judged by your profession, it is hard to maintain self esteem when you have given up your career to stay at home. Feelings of regret and depression are common. Suggestions are given on how to deal with these feelings.

* How to grow professionally even if you can't work Suggestions are offered on developing career, e.g., taking up courses, volunteering, etc.

* How to cope with financial dependency Many of the women I spoke to felt awkward about spending the money their husbands earned, after being financially independent in India.

I would like the opportunity to interview other women in this situation, find out how they coped, and help them.

My main aim to help out women who are forced to stay at home at a time when they should be building their careers.

I am a Technical Writer by profession and worked for two years before I came to the US and was forced to stay at home due to my visa status. It took me a year to stop focusing on what I can't do, and start focusing on what I can.

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